Confirmation for Contactless or Online payments



So I just went through proceedings to get a refund for unauthorised purchases on my account and it got me thinking as to how Starling could provide a system to prevent unauthorised purchases on their customer’s accounts.

Simply put, if I bought something using contactless or any payment method that doesn’t require me to input my pin number over a pre-set amount, you’d get a notification to confirm that you intended to make the purchase, if you press yes the payment would go through as intended, if you press no, the payment would fail and you’d be linked to the card screen within the app so you can freeze your card instantly.


there is insufficient time to do so at POS due to the speed of processing a Mastercard transaction, it would timeout and the transaction fail before you had the chance to respond.


I thought this could potentially be an issue, I wasn’t sure as to the timeout window though.

Thanks for the response.


I made my comments on the basis of an in depth technical explanation of how card payments work given by a senior programmer at an open evening at another challenger bank, so it was not an assumption or guess.