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I still find it a small sticking point that Monzo’s CS isn’t all UK based.

I just don’t buy the whole “it’s unsociable to work nights arguement.” I’m a night owl myself and even request I do the late shifts at work.


I personally don’t see a problem here. It’s a business decision that makes sense, given that they have plans to expand to the US.


I may be completely wrong but when I read the original blog post on Las Vegas this quote just screamed out at me that the decision may have been made as it’s cheaper to hire in the US:

Las Vegas has a very low cost of living, so the salary we pay people means they can have a high quality of life there.


To me it sounds more like that a decision to expand the team to the US was already made, but the location was up for debate internally.


It’s one of them things, you either agree with operating services abroad or you don’t.

Monzo needs to save money its going to be outsourcing more services over time. No matter how they pretend to justify it, its all purely cost, and that’s always a dodgy route to go down.

Reminds me of Three and Talk Talk, very cheap, but Customer Service isn’t the best, but they are cheap because most things are done abroad.


I think that’s the point though, as business decision it’s perfectly sensible, it’s this nonsense about them doing their UK night staff a favour that’s the issue. If they’re not very very careful they’re going to back themselves into a corner with this marketing talk of being transparent and when they grow the left hand will end up very obviously contradicting the right hand.

Had they just said "We’re gearing up to start US operations so have opened an office and recruited some COps there, which will also have the added bonus of improving our 24/7 coverage to our UK users since at night in the UK your issue will be dealt with by them.’ that would have actually been transparent, but clutching at straws by entirely unnecessarily framing it that people in the UK don’t like nighttime working so we’ve done a favour to our UK night staff and opened an office and moved their jobs abroad is just daft. It just lacks common sense if you objectively read that, but I bet if i was to do look at their community the usual suspects would be fawning and saying “Oh, that’s so kind of Tom thinking of his night staff, what a great employer you are.”, which is entirely why they continue down this route of pushing the transparency line, instead of just being transparent . A bit more of the healthy cynicism shown on here would do that company a whole lot of good, but instead their community spend that energy sneering at Starling.


Not only that but they are not direct employees.

Our goal is to employ our Vegas COps directly within the next few months.


Monzo are currently testing 3D Secure out via their labs feature…


Love the fact they’ve gone straight for the next-gen 3DS. No having to remember 4th, 8th and 2351th characters of your password — just approve in-app :slight_smile:


Absolutely the one biggest thing I hate about logging into Virgin Money.


It’s a business decision (cost saving/future expansion) dressed up nicely as CSR (looking after our poor workers so they don’t have to do a night shift…which may suit some better, ironically. And also a bit of a brag about seemingly improving the lives of the Americans at the same time.)

Anyway, yes. It’s spin to window-dress a business decision. Could be a dangerous game to play, but the precedent has now been set.

Not too bash them too much, as I’m still a customer, but it does strike me as the Monzo way - proof that marketing, and developing a “cult-like” following that backs every decision to the hilt, works.


Outsourcing CS can be a problem due to “local” accents or where English is not the first language.
I recent spoke with an Airbnb CS who was somewhere on the West Coast of the US despite ringing a local U.K. number. The main problem was the speed at which the person spoke and the very strong Latin American/Spanish accent. I had to ask the person to go slower and repeat. I’ve had the same problem with Virgin Media and the their CS offices which appear to be in India somewhere.
Mind I have had a similar experience with EE and staff in Glasgow, so maybe it’s me :wink:


A well known neighbour of Starling is trialling something everyone’s been waiting for with Starling. Slick implementation


I am actually going to have a breakdown if i read this again. Which may please some people… but not the rest of the office.

At least you didn’t mention them by name i guess…:joy::joy::joy:


it is great when you have a fully charged phone and if you are in an area with strong phone signal. If you are in an area where SMS messages regularly arrive delayed or if your battery flat then it is a poor implementation. It really needs the option of being able to enter a password instead. Then online purchases will not depend on you having to carry your phone around every waking hour.


I actually think its stupid to have to rely on your mobile. For example I’m out and about my battery is dead, I want to buy something using my friends laptop, I’m having to find a charger and if they don’t have a USB C charger I can’t charge my phone.

I like the idea, but it needs a fall back if you don’t or can’t use your phone.


A default option to approve in app or fallback to a password seems ideal then? Not keen on SMS either. Great it’s in labs and can be improved upon


they were required to have SMS as part of their implementation but Rika has said he will keep pressing on this.


Oh good, this means Starling will have 3D Secure launched shortly.


Hopefully Starling have more options (this is a hope not any inside info) than just relying on a mobile for authentication. Even in counties close to London there are blackspots where a mobile data connection can not be received and SMS reception is intermittent. Hopefully some password option will coexist along side any 'newer’approval methods.