Competitor news


do you know if they applied for bank licence?


No I do not know


What about Revolut?


Again not sure but I wonder if they will follow in the wake of TransferWise and become a full member of FPS?


Monese doesn’t want to apply for a Banking Licence as it doesn’t need one to offer what it does, its CEO made a statement about that at the end of 2017.

Revolut should have its European Banking licence shortly.


Just in time for Brexit.


We just need confirmation from both people that the account is to be closed. The account is then closed the next working day


A rather killer feature arrived in my legacy bank app today. It’s the ablility to pay in cheques up to £500 via the app and the phone’s camera. Works a treat by the way as I had a cheque that had been waiting for me to get around to going to pay it in. Looks like Starling will be in for some serious app competition as I expect this to be the tip of the iceberg as several months ago the app was re-engineered for forthcoming new features. Is paying in via the app on the Starling Roadmap? Probably needs to be…


yeah i’ve had this feature on my Halifax and this week on Lloyds apps. I’ve not used it but certainly seems handy - though i’m not overly excited by it given i rarely ever receive cheques - coul dbe useful for small businesses however.


Hi @mbaguley,

There has been a load of discussion on this already - If you search for it, a few hundred posts should come up.

There is also the “competitor news” thread which has a little detail in, and a few other threads which talk about this.


I’ve been in the Barclays trial for this for quite a while.

It works excellently except when the other bank doesn’t support it yet and it won’t accept the cheque :frowning: I had a refund from VM and I think their bank was RBS which didn’t support imaging yet so it wouldn’t take it.


I use Cheque Imaging a lot, been trialing it over a year, paid in loads of cheques, they clear within 24 hours, none of this posting, or having to go to a branch.


Monzo are implementing it soon. Any word on Starling introducing it two days before Monzo launch?


From what I’ve read Anne has already predicted this, expecting the big banks to get their apps up to the same standard very soon.

According to her it’s cost that will be the issue with the big banks having a large cost base so they won’t be able to compete.


Monese have introduced a premium package. Thoughts? @MIROW I thought they always had a premium package?


I’m not a big fan of Monese, but I think it’s a logical step for them. They can target a wider audience by offering unlimited options for a fee.

They do have a premium offering, but it’s not unlimited like the new offering.


Is this on top of the previous premium pricing plan, or replacing it i wonder? That only had a few free ATM withdrawals i thought, whereas this seems to be saying unlimited.


Unlimited FREE ATM withdrawals, FREE cash deposits and FREE instant in-app top-ups? Hmmm… Surely it’s included as part of the premium package, technically it isn’t free. :wink:



I guess this premium tier goes above the plus tier.

So instead of just Basic, Plus, and VIP tiers, they will now have Basic, Plus, Premium, and VIP tiers I assume…though they have not updated their website yet.