Competition from N26


Has anyone seen the advert for N26 the German bank operating like Starling in Europe already reaching the 500,000 customer mark ?

N26 Update News

It looks like they are offering products

Business banking
Black premier version of the current account

Looks like starling but more advanced in offerings


They don’t offer Sterling accounts yet. The UK was on their original hit list but seem to remember reading somewhere they’ve changed their mind following our deciding to exit the EU and the uncertainty around passporting (where a bank only needs to meet the approval of the local regulator to enable them to operate throughout Europe).

The look of their debit card is terrific though:

Proper classy. A bit different. And I love the translucent panel at the bottom.


Yes I agree, plus the rates for savings and overdrafts are more competitive than starling.

It has good reviews on trust pilot and from service users from what I read.


If there is a market leader in Europe Starling will be competiting in a market which has a challenger bank already light years ahead.

UK customers should be a priority before an expansion into Europe as Starling needs to sell how it operates and offerings to its current customer base to draw away new customers.


I was going to open an account - my parents live in Germany so I could have anything delivered there (you need a postal address in one of the countries they operate in). But as there are no fees using Starling abroad there’s little point. Else I use Curve if I want to use my credit card.

It would be a euro-denominated account, but I’m then into using TransferWise to fund the account. For me it’s just an unnecessary complexity.


This bank is really really interesting :thinking:


I revisited my thought process and decided to open an N26 account yesterday whilst I’m here in Germany.

The process was simple in the extreme. After a video chat session (took about 5 minutes to validate your identity with your passport) the account was opened. I have received my IBAN and a €500 overdraft instantly (overdraft rate is just 8.9%). My Mastercard will be delivered to my parents address within 2 weeks - you need a German postal address.

The app itself is very slick. Nicely integrated marketplace and even TransferWise is built-in to support international payments.

Very impressed so far.


I’m fascinated by the N26 account, although, regrettably, I don’t qualify. My only previous experience with a German bank was Fidor. Their UK offering seems to have stalled.


I am ready to try N26 once they launch in the UK


The app does looks very nice I must say.


It has that’s clean look that you come to expect from a german brand


The Mercedes Benz of the mobile banking apps maybe…? :rofl:


Any screen shots around, Joe?


I was thinking more like my Audi :rofl:


Here’s some @graham. Sorry… with just one small transaction (I only opened the account yesterday) it doesn’t give much away, but you get the gist, hopefully.


Ah right ho thanks Rob. Quietly efficient?


It has a clean look and feel to it. Something you expect from Ann Apple brand


I like the look of n26. It’s already well established, expanding and clearly works well. The app looks really clean and efficient.

Their black card looks seriously good.

I can’t wait for them to launch in the UK.


And they will be launching in the USA next year!

News today.