Companies and/or features that we would like to see on Starling API


I though I would start a little thread designed to maybe even give some 3rd party devs some ideas, as you never know who is reading in these communities :wink:.

What companies would you like to see building on or integrating the Starling api, and what features would you like these companies to be providing.

For me a few to start off with:

  • I love the idea of Tail, but I live in Bristol, I would love to see Quidco, or one of the BIG other cash back sites integrating.

  • Expensify or another expense tracking app to integrate (and maybe provide that receipt tracking feature that was requested Attach receipts)

  • Moneybox (current implementation) to go fully 2 way, so round ups could happen in real time rather than on a weekly DD

Thats just a few ideas, but I am sure other people have some amazing ideas as well!

Attach receipts

I think adding Quidco or Top Cashback as you suggest is a fantastic idea :+1:


Agree with you about Moneybox. The weekly DD put me off.

Real-time payments would have made the app far more attractive.


Yeah, I like the Moneybox idea. I currently have my Starling and Moneybox accounts linked but the weekly DD thing is a pain.


I would like to see Bulb in the marketplace. They are a new and exciting start up energy company.


Would be a great match for Starling.


Some kind of Insurance offering would be useful, similar to Back Me Up where certain key items such as phone, laptop, bike etc could be insured on a temporary or annual basis


Things like bulb are great, but I can’t see their implementation being anything more than one click DD setup etc (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong)

I want to see some really interesting stuff that takes advantage of the 2 way interaction the API allows.

There is an app called acasa ( that allows you to track household spends on shared houses and ensure everyone only pays their share, no matter who has paid the bill…one click reconciliation and payment is a real possibility there with the starling API and that REALLY excites me!


The implementation could be one click DD set up as well as identity and address verification. Just like you can login with Facebook on a lot of sites and it’ll pull all your personal data over, this could be the same - it could be “Would you like to allow Bulb to access your name, address and direct debit details?” and then Bulb would return “For your address your bill would be around 50£ a month - do you want to switch? YES/NO” simple as that.


Now that I like!


If the Starling marketplace takes off this could also be used as a kind of credit history, a better alternative to the scammers/credit bureaus who hold our data hostage. In this case with a simple API call and a permission prompt the lender would be able to see your account data (average balance, overdraft usage, previous returned DD’s, etc) in a simple and transparent way (you’d be able to see exactly what the lender sees and be able to rectify potentially incorrect information).


I don’t think anything like this will be replacing Credit Scores and Credit record bureaus) Starling is only one institution, the point of a Credit Report is it shows multiple institutions information.

What you are likely to see in my opinion is companies using bank APIs (not just starling as remember the PDS2 requirements are for all banks) in conjunction with credit report agencies to get a much more accurate history.

For example, for a mortgage application, you have to be credit checked AND provide bank statements, a mortgage application that integrated banking APIs could automate all this, removing the requirement to send statements, as well as providing a secondary ID proof.


This is already happening with SME lending.

A number of lenders now ask for your hosted accounting software API keys/logins (Kashflow, FreeAgent, Sage, Xero etc) to assess creditworthiness.

Of course, credit checking will still be required to check historical performance.


Thanks for all of your feedback here! It’s great to hear more about what you’re looking for and what you’d like to see in this space. Keep the feedback coming! :smile: We’re working hard on the Marketplace and with partners so expect to see a lot more on this coming up.


Thank you, Megan. :slight_smile:

Nice to know you are reading our feedback.


Can’t wait! :smile:


It will be interesting to see how the marketplace unfolds. I would live too see save the change feature which comes out instantly to a savings.