Community Wishlist vs Starling Capacity


The Starling Banking experience is definitely a breath of fresh air in the banking world, and this Community Forum is a great way to hear everyone’s feedback and items on their wishlists.

As the community grows how are Starling going to keep up/manage the items on the wishlist and prioritise between what you want to develop commercially and what the community is asking for?

Would it be possible to have a central register of wished for items, that the community can vote on, so both Starling/Community can all see what the hot topics are and the likelihood of them becoming part of the Starling Banking App in the near future?

At the moment the wished for items are spread across many disparate posts making it difficult to get an overall sense of commonality.


Agree with this 100%

Would be so much easier to just redirect users to this post


Good Idea. :white_check_mark:


Good idea to centralise the ideas, so to speak. However, I suspect that voting can only go so far; at the end of the day Starling is a commercial organisation that needs to offer a profitable banking service so if we all voted to have a £100 bonus at the end of every week that is not going to work.


I would prefer to benefit from regular updates on the work streams along the lines of the recent live community events.

I’m sure the team has gleaned further smart ways of keeping us informed, including planned feature-lists.

I must say I don’t favour voting as a primary method of product development, though I’m sure the Community forum feedback is laboriously scrutinised.

Regular, easily accessible updates will do me.


I actually meant a curated list by Starling, so they could gauge overall feedback. If you read the many posts on this community forum the are a lot of really good ideas, and some topics crop up time and time again, but unless you read lots of posts you won’t necessarily know that.


Yes, voting is a very poor way to go as we saw with the Monzo ATM fees debacle


Something via the live events would be really good. However the recent live event was interesting, but then the feed was intentionally curtailed right at the juicy bits - getting to hear about stuff that’s in the pipeline. That was disappointing.

So I would ask that next time the live video feed remains active beyond an introspective “story so far”, to help us understand what we can look forward to in the future. The only people that have that knowledge are Starling themselves, and those folk that managed to make it in to London Starling HQ for the presentation in-person.


Totally agree, Rob. The December event was the first and they’ll have gained valuable intelligence about subsequent events from that.

I had a chat with one of the lead engineers about their various methods of communicating with customers. In addition to live events, live and follow-up streaming could well be supplemented with additional channels such a YouTube feed.

With a community so keen to help build this account into a market leader, frequent bulletins on progress will be welcomed and well worth the investment back at the office.


Only £100? :thinking:


Perhaps Starling could look at using UserVoice, or similar, as a way to gauge popularity of different ideas.

I say gauge popularity as I don’t think that users voting for what they see as a priority is always right for the business itself.


Hello all - this is a really interesting thread and I’m really glad you’ve raised these points!

As you may have realised we have a range of different factors which come into play when deciding what to prioritise. I’ve seen quite a few companies post detailed roadmaps, only to change them later which can be really disappointing - I totally think there’s a better way of doing things.

We’re looking into a range of ways to keep our customers informed, including hosting more regular events (which I’m very much looking forward too) and other channels.

For those of you who don’t know, we already post updates across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, plus our blog, and our Developer Slack.


Oh and I forgot to mention, live streams of the community events too (for those who can’t make it). We’ve learnt a lot from our first event last month! :slight_smile: