Community Visit


Hey @JamesPratley - what you up to today? Who got the golden ticket invites?


I wonder who they were? :wink:


I have already had my guided tour last summer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just for the newbies on here - I contributed this last year:


Give us the crack then!


Well let’s just say the Guru team has finally met face to face. :grinning:


Did they hypnotise you? :yum:


Nope, but don’t snap your fingers just in case. :rofl:


3, 2, 1… you’re back in the room!


Great to finally meet you all.


Great to see you and everyone else I’ve met before and to finally meet the others. :grinning:


Sounds like an interesting day :+1:t2:


Just seen this @Ad13 - Sorry, I’ve been with the team representing Starling at Country File since Thursday evening! :tractor::man_farmer:

It was a really exciting day for us actually. We invited the Starling Community Guru’s in and had some really candid chats about how things work here at Starling and how we can improve the Community too.

I think it’s fair to say that it was mutually beneficial and we all learnt a lot! :clap:

Community Feedback

Unfortunately for the team, I had a brain wave after our guests left. We need more FAQ’s in the Community - there needs to be more guidance of how to starling.


Maybe it will also help create a discussion around how we using Starling - and could prove to be useful for future features and products… :thinking:


I think if we ever get to the point where people use the word “Starling” as a verb, a la “Google”, it’s game over for every other bank :smiley: