Community viewed on iPhone


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Wanted to say that I’m not getting a mobile friendly view of the Starling community using safari on my iPhone. In trying to write this have had difficulty posting. Does anyone else get this?


Download the Discourse app it connects you to the forums you register


it is not just iPhone as I have had issues on various Android phones such as a Samsung Galaxy in Samsung, Google and Firefox browsers. Other Discourse communities like Monzo and Tide are OK it is just Starling. The Topic field is too wide and squeezes the subject field rediculously narrow. However I got a new BLÜ phone this week and that OK so either it formats differently or they have changed their Discourse site somehow


Mines displaying perfectly fine. @JamesPratley any suggestions?


Mines working fine on my iPhone as well.


Now that’s a top tip :+1:


Mine works fine on iPhone 6s, but the app looks super user friendly. Will give that a try later.


Annoyingly the Starling forum doesn’t have an icon though :frowning:


I think it has been discussed before and it comes as no surprise.


@MIROW. Yes, that’s exactly how it looks on my screen. (Have no problems at all with the app - it looks great. Problems just with
@Michael_Gill @Johnny thanks for the app advice, didn’t know about that.


Credit goes to @Michael_Gill …I didn’t know about this until he mentioned it. And that’s exactly why these communities are so good. :+1:


I’ve never had any issues with the Community using Chrome on Android. I’ve uploaded screenshots directly and all sorted. In face, I’d say that I probably post on my phone more than a normal web browser!