Community Turns 1 πŸŽ‰


The community turns 1 today :raised_hands:t2: I’m so pleased with how much the community has grown along with the awesome ideas, bug reports and feedback discussed on the community. Here’s to another another great year on the community for us fintech :nerd_face:


Happy cake day to the community and to you, Joe! :grin:


I want a slice of Starling cake :cake:


Well, someone decided to head to Ibiza :man_shrugging:t3:


Hahaha this or cake? :wink:


Why not both?


Good shout :+1:t2:


Happy cake day :slight_smile:


Happy Starling Community Birthday everyone! Thanks for sticking around and sharing your thoughts, feedback and help across the forum. :purple_heart:


I forgot about that! :tada::fire:


How could you


Slaps wrists! :crazy_face: