Community site favicon


Hello awesome Starlings!

Any chance you can get your tech wizards to add a favicon to this site? Currently displays the default Discourse one, and it’s difficult to tell this and the Revolut sites apart. Thanks.


‘Awesome Starlings’ - a nice touch for those hard-working folk. :grinning:


Hmm strange, I see our Starling logo as the favicon. What browser are you on?


I neither shows in Safari on my iPhone:

Nor in the Discourse iOS app:


I can see it on Mac Safari and Chrome


Have just cleared my Safari website data and history, and restarted the browser. No change. And I only downloaded the Discourse app this morning, and I presume that pulls data directly from the web, not my cache.

Over to you :wink:


Correctly displayed on my Chrome browser, but similar to your grey image in Safari.


Ok thanks. @JamesPratley can help take a look.


Hello all… We fixed it! The favicon should now appear for you if you’re using the community on a mobile device. :sunglasses:


Crikey - you didn’t hang about, James.
Good job :+1:


@JamesPratley Just noticed it is missing from the discourse app


Yeah it appeared in my Safari bookmarks randomly around 4 days ago. Still
not showing up in my Discourse app.


Hello! Thanks for letting me know… I’m looking into this now :grin:


Hello! So, we’ve got this on the list and we’re looking into it. No fix yet (Apple Pay has taken priority today), but we will get this done soon. :muscle:


:+1:t2:, glad ApplePay has taken priority :green_apple:


Any update :wink:


@JamesPratley can you update on this?


Oh dear! This one slipped away from me…

Let me see what I can manage :thinking:



I’ve check with my team and I’m afraid this fix isn’t as easy as it seems on the software we’re using for the community. Sorry for the slight annoyance but I don’t think there will be a logo there soon. :grimacing: