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Stop forcing people to sign in with Google, facebook, twitter or github.

You’re so concerned with security that i’ve just been forced to disclose my mobile to google so i could sign up - thanks. :neutral_face:

It’s properly dumb and irritating. You were slow enough to set up a forum and now deliberately stopping people contributing. You should be encouraging feedback not dictating what other tools people should have to use (and therefore what other details they have to disclose) to tell you. Typical old school bank attitude - and a really bad impression to give.

#deletefacebook and community login

This concern has been raised, and I believe it’s being addressed. @sarah.gilbert might be able to confirm

Community sign up and login - 2

Thanks @Joe_Merriman.

Hi @lee-am we have had feedback from other community members who share your thoughts. We are looking into a way to allow you to access the community by logging in with Starling - this will some point in the future. We will definitely keep you updated on this though.


@sarah.guha what did you do!!? I can’t log in now! I am on my phone that apparently is still logged in but I can’t log in with my pc as I used an email last time I logged in! :sob:


Hi @GazB - we haven’t changed anything at this stage, we require you to log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Github rather than email and password. Please let me know if when you log in with these accounts you have access on your desktop and mobile?


On this note, over the weekend I had to reformat my PC and reinstall windows. Now I can’t login to this site using my Facebook account on there - I get an error (something about domain not added).

On my work PC I’m logged in fine (which is lucky) but would like to be able to login at home as well?

Can someone check that out and see if Facebook identification is still working?


Or just dump these dreadful login restrictions and let us set up accounts with our email address and a password


In light of the #deletefacebook movement; will Starling rethink their login policy to force us to use a 3rd party for logins?

What are the options for those that want to delete their facebook account that wish to continue to use their Starling community account?



Do you have a Google account?


I don’t have Facebook and managed to sign up. Can’t remember what I signed up with, but it certainly wasn’t Facebook!


I signed up with a throwaway github account, unfortunately I didn’t keep the details as I (wrongly) assumed it was just for sign up, not to stay logged in. So eventually I will be logged out and I cannot sign in from another device, i.e. my phone.


The question isnt specifically about facebook; more about being required to use a 3rd party to sign up that you may wish to stop using in future.