Community sign up and login - 3


I want to change my email address for the Starling Community but the option in profile is not editable. Anyone know how I can change it?


Would be handy. As I had to sign up with Google, notifications go to my gmail address, which I don’t check


Yea that’s the exact same situation with me. I’d like to get the notification emails but never check my gmail account anymore.


Four months on and no answer on this thread.

Anywhere else?


I’m afraid you cannot edit your email address, nor can we for you as we require log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Github. A simple way around this though might be set up a forwarding service on your gmail account, which forwards emails from the Starling Community to the email account you check more regularly. You can do this in Gmail in Settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP.


Thank you @sarah.guha

What about editing username?


You can do that yourself, click on your profile and the settings cog. Click the pen icon next to “username” and you can edit it.


There lies the issue. No pen icon.

That only sits against the profile pic.


I have messaged you.


Hi @sarah.guha - can you provide some guidance on changing my username, please?


Messaging you @LauraJ.


Is there a particular reason you require logging in via Google, Facebook, Twitter or Github? And don’t provide an additional registration option?

I prefer to register for each site separately, rather than logging in with an account on another service (allows me to give each site a different e-mail address to combat spam/leaks and also means I don’t need to remember which service to use to log in to each site!).


Hi @jcwacky this is topic we’ve discussed before.