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Just a question and feeback about signing up for the Starling Community.

When trying to register, the only options are to use OAuth with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Github.

Why is there no option to sign up with a regular email address, like you can by default with Discourse?

Consider that some people dont have any of those accounts, and creating one solely to be able to be able to signup here is a somewhat bad user experience.

I myself created a throwaway github account as it was the easiest from here in Peru, where Google require things like your DOB and a mobile number, Facebook require DOB and Twitter wont allow me to sign up at all.

I’m unsure what will happen to this community account when/if github decide to purge my account for inactivity.

Please, will you consider allowing regular signups?


It’s probably to discourage anonymous accounts which could lead to abuse. Google did something similar with youtube to improve the standard of comments.

It could also be just the modern way of doing things. The majority of people now have one of these accounts and it makes the sign up process a lot quicker and easier.


I disagree on both points, as above I signed up for a github account with only email address and password;

it’s also quite possible that a typical Apple and some Android users might not have a google account, facebook usage is regressing globally (mine is inactive) and twitter, well, most people I know dont use it. ofc, no-one but tiny few starling users will use github.

I’m not debating it can be easier for those that do have accounts to sign up via OAuth, although not necessarily depending on how they access this site.

Is there anyone who uses anything online that does not have access to an email account?

This is a real scenario and I think it needs addressing.


I too found it an annoying PITA and felt forced to reinstate my closed Facebook account purely to get into this community. I feel it is overkill having this requirement, but that is my personal opinion.


I imagine everyone with an android phone has a Google account as you need one to download apps via the play store. That probably covers 50% of people already, probably more.

Also as I said previously it is a more modern approach. No more having to use an email and password or even remember a password.

I can understand your point if you don’t have one of those accounts but for the majority that does it makes the signup process a lot nicer.


Well you say it’s a majority (and I agree), but you wont know as those without can’t sign up unless they create one of those accounts.

You say modern, I say restrictive.


Except for the password you need to log in with whatever service you end up using, right?

It’s a real pain. I have to login with my Google account. If I login from work - where I clear sessions in case anyone else uses my computer - that means not only having to provide an email address and password but requesting an OTP as I have that feature switched on.

I don’t need my account on these forums to be as secure as my personal email.


I can only speak for myself I suppose but I just select Google and I login straight away. I’m already signed into my Google account on my phone and home computer as I use the chrome browser.

If I access the forum at work I do it via my phone. For me the signup and signin process is great but obviously not for others.


Another issue with this, is that email notifications are tied to the email address connected to google/facebook etc, it cannot be changed from what I can tell, which is somewhat annoying.


Could someone from Starling get back to us on this? I myself found this very frustrating. My Google, Github, Facebook or Twitter accounts have nothing to do with Starling, and nor should they. Social sign in shouldn’t be used for their convenience by third parties.


Hi there is a thread here which I have responded to before: Sign up and login

At the moment we don’t have any immediate plans to change how customers log into our online community. We’ll update you if we do change anything.

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