Community Portal - Replies don't always show as replies


I’ve replied to a few messages on here, and would normally expect to see the reply arrow top-right, along with the profile pic of the person I’d replied to

This doesn’t always happen, and so it looks like I’ve just written a general reply to the thread. But if I go to edit the post, it shows that it was a reply to a certain user in the edit popup? Not sure if this means the user I’d replied to is notified of my reply or not?

Seems a bit sporadic, but I’ve had this happen at least twice.


Yes, I have this happen a lot too. I find it a little annoying. :frowning:

(Ironically it did it to this post too.)


I believe this happens when you reply to the last msg (so your message will be below it) I don’t think it’s a bug but actually a “feature” :wink:


Ah. Thanks for clearing that up. That would fit with what I’ve seen so far :laughing: