Community official Starling Staff Icon Error


Just a quick heads up Starling staff that there is a bug in this forum’s CSS meaning that if you click on the “# Reply” button (where the # is the number of replies to a post) it shows the replied posts below it slightly indented. IF the post is by a Starling staff member (and has the Starling Bank logo in the corner of their profile pic) that logo will be displayed on ALL of the profile pics of the replies EVEN if the posters are NOT Starling Staff members making it appear that they ARE staff members. :open_mouth:

Looks like it’s a simple CSS issue where the parent div contains the “group-Starling_Employee” class and all profile pics in that div contain the logo. It’s a fairly simple fix something like changing the CSS selector from “.group-Starling_Employee .poster-avatar-extra” to something a bit more restricting like ".group-Starling_Employee > article > div.row > .topic-avatar > .poster-avatar-extra" BUT I’m sure you can find a nicer fix having access to the code n all! :wink:


Thanks for flagging this! I’ve passed it on to the team. Hopefully we can get it sorted quickly! :grimacing:


but but…what if we want to be employees?





This should help you :wink:


Lol, thank you both @JamesPratley, @GazB

It was in jest, though I have already looked!
Sadly like most finance companies, you’re London based and I do love the countryside!


Haha so beat you to that @JamesPratley!

Also @Gareth_Wright check out the perks:
I removed the un-important none food ones! :wink:

Perks of the job

Breakfast believers

We provide fresh fruit every day and Friday morning bacon butties. We also have healthier alternatives, if that’s what floats your boat.

Lunch club

We provide a hot meal for everyone to come together and enjoy at least once a week (veggies, vegans and the allergy prone – we got you).

Friday beers

No start-up worth its salt would ever dream of ending the week without a cold one and the chance to get together and have a natter about their week, so that’s exactly what we do.


Yes I saw…I had to go for a bacon butty for lunch, afterwards. :yum:


We do like our bacon here! :see_no_evil: