Community MS Edge Bug


I can’t sign in to the community using Facebook login when using MS Edge browser, once you click the Facebook button in the login box the small popup window appears but just stays blank. If I open the community page im on in IE it opens with me already signed in via Facebook.


It sounds similair to the issues we’re seeing on iOS 12 here Unable to log in by discourse app or safari browser iOS 12


Why can’t Starling just allow email address and password sign in? Granted, we can’t really complain about the iOS 12 beta bug, but I’ve had other issues too previously — not good! What happens if I decide I no longer want a Google, Facebook, Twitter or GitHub account?


I’ve asked this very question as I too don’t understand it.

You sign up, you provide an email address, you verify an email address. It’s a simply and secure process, all OAUTH is really doing in this instance is adding an unnecessary middle man.

I also suggested that we authenticate using the Starling App. That way only Starling customers participate (not sure if that would work)

Curiously I only signed up for Monzo community to see if I could replicate the iOS 12 issue. That’s when I discovered they don’t offer OAUTH at all

Maybe someone from Starling could weigh on why they don’t allow sign up by email


I hate the fact certain websites persuade, or in some instances ‘shackle’ you, to signing up with a social networking account — ‘Login with Facebook’ is the classic one. After the whole privacy debate recently, I’ve completely disabled this within my Facebook settings now and switched all my services/accounts over to email (where possible).