Community Meetup


Would be great to have some community events organised to discuss everything Starling and FinTech.


Now THAT’S an idea :grinning:


Great idea


So that’s three of us, then. :smiley:


This is something we’d certainly like to look into - I’ll let the team know! :grin:

It would be great to meet some of our wonderful community members.


I’m in :slight_smile:


I’m in as well.


Sounds good! :smiley:


I’d be up for it too.

(I kinda assumed ‘liking’ the OP’s message inferred that, but maybe not?!)


Please do! We need to make this happen.


We could organise our own one and if team Starling wish to attend then great :wink: :credit_card:


Don’t meet up without me! :see_no_evil: