Community forum - Moderators


This forum is growing visibly every day with new users and an ever-expanding range of issues all dedicated to giving us the best current account on the market.

Moderation on this forum is very light-touch, reflecting the newness of our community and certainly less directive than the Monzo forum. The tone, incidentally, is currently a healthy mix of informed challenge and supportive.

I wonder, though, if we’re getting to the point where the Moderators might want to review content, consider harmonising topics where duplication is occurring and perhaps pull together themes into threads for the benefit of all?

Thoughts for Starling and community alike - future-proof or keep under review?


@Graham a good call. Everywhere on the net especially places like this benefit from moderators. Free speech is good, sometimes though things can quickly escalate online and this can cause issues.


Sure, whilst a gentle, occasional reminder to remain civil can assist, the real immediate benefit could be the tidying up of similar threads and posts to provide a readily accessible information resource.

Monzo have done this to good effect with their ‘Travelling to’ grouping which brings together user-experience whilst abroad. We might do something similar with, say, the places where the card is still not accepted (supermarket petrol pumps?) for instance. Must be other opportunities to refine the forum into an information resource.

Anyway, there you go…


Definitely with re Monzo and travel. That could just cause a mass of duplication. It is kept relatively tidy.
Not something I’d like to do but I suppose there would be plenty of volunteers.


Thanks guys. @JamesPratley is our community admin and will work to remove any duplication or collate topics into common discussion threads.

We have a team reviewing and moderating your posts, but at this stage are not needing to approve everything before it’s posted (as we worry it would stifle your discussions) but if you spot something please do flag it to our attention as some of you have done so already. We’ll continue to review how this goes as we grow.

Having the community self moderate is also incredibly helpful, so thank you. And @Graham great shout on trying to keep this sentiment front of mind. The community is a creative place to share ideas and product feedback in order to help us improve it.


That’ll really enhance this forum - thanks @JamesPratley. (Must be a buzzy internship eh?)


Sorry, I’ve been away but I’m on it now! Sure is busy here, but I’m enjoying it. :grin: