Community Forum Bad UX


The forum has a lot of UX blunders.

• When you create a new topid the “Create Topic” button text is cut off.

• When you cancel creating a topic the popping has a button to confirm you want to abandon it and the button is light grey with white text. White text on light grey background is a big no no.


I agree about the “Yes abandon” button. I’d suggest swap them around and change the font / background.


To be honest despite those mistakes I feel like they’ve done a very good job styling the forum to fit their UI. I find even in its current state it’s much nicer than the default Discourse UI.


Hey @Lukeja. I passed this on to the team and it’s just been fixed. :raised_hands:


When will the fix be pushed to the website? I’ve just tried now and still not fixed.


Hi Luke. The text colour on the button should be fixed, just checking on the “Create Topic” text being cut off. Sorry about that!


Update: The create topic button is now fixed! :sunglasses:


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