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As I said last night I have a ‘rant’ of my own - so sorry, my bad…! :unamused:

Following the comments over the last few weeks, this is my plea and I apologise if this has already been discussed between the ‘Starling Guru’s’.

I have been here since the beginning :white_check_mark:, I had a Starling account in the week it was launched and I was one of the first in this community - and I have enjoyed the discussions… :heart:

However, with both the business and the community growing there needs to be more consistency and clarity in how announcements are communicated on here. The industry I work in is all about consistency and communication, so I do understand.

I’m not asking to have community exclusives - as we saw with the new card design, I know that relationships with the media are important from my own industry, and to give them a briefing and/or an exclusive is fine. However, something fun for the community as an exclusive would be great - i.e community members should be at the top of the list for new cards…🎉

I would also include in this the rather ‘under the radar’ message that was communicated about sending replacement cards abroad - all that was needed was a new thread saying ‘Hey, we listened and have done this…’, with a link to the FAQ. It almost felt like burying bad news…

I know @danmullen has already commented on finding news about Starling from random news sources on the web - this should be the place to collate them ‘officially’.⬇

** I should also add events on here - NOTHING about Countryfile Live…**

All I ask is the community is the first to know - communicated first by either a Starling staff member or a ‘Starling Guru’ to legitimise the source and provide a platform for discussion. While it is done sometimes, it’s not consistent…


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