Community Exclusives


Firstly, I’m not pointing critisism anyone - more upon the clarity of what the community is and isn’t allowed to share.

If like the card launch, where it was exclusive to the community - it should be communited as such clearly, prefereably with a guide to when the information will be available to the public. I for one didn’t realise that!

Maybe this should be written in the FAQ / and linked to the forum post in such circumstances?


I didn’t know it was exclusive on here!!!


Apparently that was the idea…


I was someone who complained that the breaking news I received about Starling was from random finance articles people had stumbled upon.

So for Starling to announce something as big as new card designs (which have clearly left an impression on people, one way or the other), to the forum, the afternoon before it hits the public/general press, is great news to me.

The news will obviously make the rounds on the fintech forums, that’s the nature of the beast - I don’t necessarily think we need to pretend it does t exist.

I’d rather applaud Starling for their recent decision of announcing on here first, than look for the small print of what we can and can’t do.


What’s your concern, Ashley?


If something is posted on here which is an ‘exclusive’ to the community - there needs to be some guidelines on when it can be shared outside - or what can be shared or revealed in the interim.


I think it’s great that it was announced to the community first before the general press but once it’s announced then it’s fair game to share IMHO. I know that’s not quite what was said but how could you police that? Impossible!


Marketing departments are very clever. They will use the community in full knowledge that the lastest inside scoop will leak out, this is what they’re counting on. Don’t believe, or be so naive, for moment that we’re not part of their grand plan!


Quite so. It can’t be anything else. For me, the point was that they came to the forum first.


I’ve always wanted to be part of someone’s grand plan :grinning:


I disagree, sorry. If something is announced to the community forum in confidence, I think it’s only reasonable that we adhere to that. However, yesterday we had the advance announcement, and some hours later we received a “keep it under your hat” message; oops… too late!

But if we fail to observe a properly executed “in confidence” announcement in the future, then Starling really should treat us like Joe Public, and we only get know about something when everybody else does. I think that would be a shame.

There’s a kind of personal responsibility here: policing shouldn’t be required. It’s kinda nice knowing about something before everybody else, even if it’s a relatively minor thing like changing the colour of the card.


I agree @Rob - knowing what we can and can’t share, and giving a timeframe on that is all we need. I’m sure if it is explained clearly, we would all adhere to it.


For my money, such an announcement can’t stand and, at best, would be optimistic. It’s a public forum by design.

I’d anticipate that the team do not expect confidentiality.

The forum will however expect to be given a bit of a heads-up on future announcements - just as in this case. It’s good PR and an affirmation, to all who spend time here, that their input is valued.


There is big tech journalists on this community, they are watching :eyes:


I know Tom is a fan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anything posted on the forum becomes public anyway, the Search bots trawl it constantly.


in all seriousness, If was under an NDA (which I am currently under for a major tech company), I would adhere to it.


I reckon I know what one


If something was to be kept exclusive then posting to a public forum where anybody can browse with no account would not be the best way. I understand there was a comment much later on in that thread but then that should have been published at the start. But still it’s public forum and there no way to stop the message unless restrictions were put on the thread or shared with a few trusted individuals.

The fact is Starling teased something was coming soon on social media so any curious person might have found the forum.

I’m very much thankful Starling gave us a time limited first look. I hope it continues.


Tom? Who is this Tom you speak of? :thinking::wink: