Community 1 year old?


Hi all,

Am I right in thinking the community is 1 year old today?

I joined June 22.5.17


I noticed @sarah.guha has the anniversary cake next to her name today :slight_smile:


Indeed she did, good spot.


You say June @Joe_Merriman, but its only May…! :birthday:


:see_no_evil: I’ve not got a clue what day it is anymore let alone month. Oops.


Just an observation - seems these channels are actually 2 years old. If you look at the cakeday category you’ll see they actually have 22/5/16 on there.


I noticed that too!


Available publicly definitely a year old next month.


I just scrolled back - I made my first top-up on 16th May. Was that pre-current account?


Account opened on 10th May, I was referring to the community being a year old :smile:


I actually didn’t know why I had that, @JamesPratley must have been up to something!


Almost there folks, but not quite a year of the community yet. :baby:


Aha. I see. :grinning:


But I clearly got confused what month we are in :man_facepalming:t2:


I thought it was June a year old.


It is :slight_smile: