Communicate better on feature updates



It’s great to see maintenance messages but it would be great to have the option for more communication, whether in app or by email of changes to the app. The only update I ever received in six months was on the Settle Up feature but I have noticed various improvements to the app yet no announcement on these. For example I heard about the addition of Pension Bee to the marketplace by chance when browsing online instead of getting the update from you.


I would keep my eye on the blog, that seems to be where feature updates are posted.

For example, the Pension Bee announcement:

It seems Starling are trying not to bombard users with in app messaging or emails, I know I would prefer to see less than more.
Perhaps if there was an ability to subscribe to the blog, so you had an email when new posts were made? Maybe someone from Starling (@sarah.guha maybe?) could raise that option with the website team?



We absolutely recognise we could improve our communication about new features and we are making changes to improve that. As you will have seen we sent an email about Settle Up which for new features or major updates we’ll continue to do going forward. We also use our blog a lot, I like your idea of subscribing to the blog so I will definitely mention this to our web team.

We’d like to use push notifications too where appropriate although as some customers called us out for when we sent the Google Pay notice, we haven’t quite made this a smooth experience yet and so we’ll be making some updates before we use this channel more frequently.

Further ideas are welcome too, let us know your thoughts.