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One thing I see a lot with Starling and Monzo is that everything is always “coming soon”…in fact with Monzo it drove me over the edge in the end, luckily for Starling I switched fully so I’m stuck (no a bad thing BUT…)

Is there any way at all we could get some estimation for any sort of update on upcoming features like Goal or Pulse updates…an at all?! :disappointed:


Hi @lozfromcorby - it’s a good topic you raise and one that our team here can talk endlessly about! When you work in technology and building code it’s often difficult to say with 100% certainty exactly how long something is going to take to build. It might be completely new territory and something we have never done before, it might have complex interactions in the app, it might involve changes to our core banking systems, which until you are building it you can rarely predict the exact course and date of delivery. When you have a feature idea it tends to be in one of these states,

  • Ideas on our Trello board which we regularly review and decide what should be picked and progressed forward. James collates your feedback and logs them for us with links to your discussions.

  • On our roadmap meaning it’s something we agree we should have, but we might not have started to define what the solution will be yet or how it might work.

  • Being defined by our product and UX team so it’s a priority for us, or we’re defining the experience before adding it to our backlog.

  • Queued on our backlog ready for to be prioritised in our sprint planning sessions (of course the outcome could be that some features are prioritised, whilst other de-prioritised).

  • In Development meaning it’s been prioritised and actively developed.

The weekly and monthly view of the Pulse is currently queued on our backlog, I expect it might not be prioritised for next week but I hope the one after.

Goals is well underway and we’ll be live testing next week. @ben.chisell will follow with an update then and no doubt firmer dates. It’s not far off at all though.


Thanks for such a detailed reply! One more…what about the log in asking for password all the time? :smiley:


This is a consequence of a company launching an incomplete product/service yet promoting it as a credible alternative to traditional banks. It’s not there yet.


I’m guessing that’s why people may be holding back from signing up fully, I know I am.

For me the ‘App only bank’ isn’t quite there just yet. I wholeheartedly support Starling and all you are trying to do, but it’s not fully ready for me to swap just yet, it’s not far off, but still not quite ready for me.

I love the little features you have come up with and look forward to what is coming. It’s I can’t get what I already have with Starling just yet.

Perhaps before you start the international expansion I see you’re looking at, you could just finish topping and tailing and improving the existing UK app please.


Nice insight into the development process. Thankyou.


I left Monzo for the exact same reason, features were “Coming soon” and 6 months later still no sign of them in the Android app.

Great reply from Sarah though. I hope Starling will be different and keep dropping regular updates, even if its just to say they need more time.


Thanks for the insight and explanation.


I’d love a timescale for when you estimate merchant info and locations will finally work.


It would be nice to produce a timeline of how things are expected like a gantt chart of how your progressing.


Lovely detailed reply @sarah.guha you’re doing job a great and have built a great bank so far.


Agree with @Joe_Merriman on above points and concur that I think starling and @sarah.guha doing a good job and a good explanation above.


Yeah agree. :slight_smile:

And I like that people can have a constructive moan on here rather than making a valid criticism only to have twenty fellow posters tell you “how dare you” in various forms…which I have witnessed else where on other boards. :wink:


Thanks for the update!


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Is there a public trello product map for starling? Like the one monzo has?


@sarah.guha Where are we at with the login stuff ?


I fully agree, a public Trello board would be brilliant (at least when kept up-to-date regularly, like monthly or quarterly).


Ask…and you shall receive…


Yeah, that’s the Developer Trello page for the Starling API / Dev Docs / etc (which is great for those of us who have dev skills, which includes myself, or those interested in the roadmap of the API), but it doesn’t include anything in regards to the Starling Bank App / core banking systems.