Coinbase Transaction Monitoring


I have set up Coinbase and I have purchased bitcoin but I am a bit surprised by how difficult it is to track how well or how bad my bitcoin is doing! The home screens tell me what my wallet value is but it does not tell me how much in total I have spent without digging into reports.

How do you guys track the performance of your Coinbase account? I’m assuming there’s an app out there but I’m struggling to find an iOS app that’s decent. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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Thanks in advance for the help! :+1::grin:


Happy New Year :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve signed up with Coinbase and meddled with both Bitcoin and Etherium. Given the seemingly frantic fluctuations in value of these or any of the other variants, I’m not expecting any clarity anytime soon.

The recent “crash” or “correction” tells me only one thing right now - don’t get too carried away (late night trading is to be avoided, I’ve found :flushed:). The lack of regulation remains a bother. So do some of the Ponzi schemes which have been around a while.

Meanwhile, Coinbase itself offers some rudimentary valuation tracking. Not sure any of it means anything right now.


I use an app on iOS called ‘Crypto Pro’… it cost a couple of quid, but if you input the info you bought at (ie, price, date, amounts), it’ll track your investments. The app also has news, and info about past and current states of many coins.

Hope this helps.


Very useful thanks :+1:


I use google sheets. Theres a ‘cryptofinance’ formula function which allows you to pull in live crypto prices.

Its not an ideal solution, so I might look at some of the apps.