Code not being received via SMS when downloading Starling App on new device


Thanks, but I was supposed to get assistance and call backs etca couple of weeks ago, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app approx seven times now and it is working at the moment, no guarantee it will be working tomorrow though, and that’s the problem. I’m not finding it reliable and customer service , though they generally try to help , are way too slow. I’m keeping written notes of all my transactions so I’ll hopefully have some idea of my account balance next time I can’t get into it.


What device are you using out of interest?


I’ve not been able to get a text to get back into my account, I uninstalled the app to try to recreate a bug I reported before. I’m waiting a day or so to try again since I got back in fine the day before. On an iPhone 6s.


Android phone


Had this issue with several texts to be able to acresss my starling account. In the end several days later I had about 20 messages come through to finally access the account.