Code not being received via SMS when downloading Starling App on new device


Hi Alexandra.

Thank you for your response.

Do you know the possible cause or do you have any idea why I am not receiving the SMS ‘Code’?


At the moment, we don’t know what the issue might be and do need to investigate further!

We’re aiming to get an update to you as soon as we can.


Hi again Andrew; we have an update for you via the app, do check when you get the opportunity :+1:


Hi Joe, not sure how this issue was resolved but yesterday I received 118 SMS Messages containing the ‘code’ :see_no_evil: I now have full access to my account again :+1:t4:
CS messaged me yesterday asking if they could call me tomorrow and go through some testing with me, will let you know the outcome.


Glad it’s sorted.


Great news, I’m pleased you have access to your account again. Hopefully the 118 SMS Messages didn’t wake you this morning :see_no_evil: Please do let me know the outcome and thank you for keeping me updated :slight_smile:


Hi. I have the same issue. Giffgaff network and no SMS from Starling


Thanks for raising this @Nakedviking - if you’re still waiting for an SMS, please email with your details and mobile number.

We can check why this is not being received.



I’m having a similar issue to this on attempting to sign up for a new account. I emailed support at the beginning of last week but still no response.

Not entirely sure why I’m still pressing ahead but I’d like to think this is a outlier.

Basically I go through the signup on boarding process. Enter my mobile number and never get an SMS. I did get a load of them 4 days after my initial attempt. Presumably this is all running super slow - which would be ok if the signup didn’t time out after an hour.

There’s litterally no way for me to signup for an account - you’d think this might be a top priority.



Hey Nick, sorry about the experience with attempting to open an account. I’ve copied in @StarlingSupport to assist. Starling - please can you investigate ASAP!


Thanks Joe.

Happy to be contacted :+1:

Cheers. Nick


Hi Nick,

Thanks for letting us know. We will be able to look into the issue and try to get it sorted.


I had this issue last week. The next day all the texts came through in one go. I deleted them all and started the process again. That time the text came through instantly.

Someone from Starling said they’d investigate. I don’t recall seeing a follow-up after that.


I’ve had the exact same problem twice in the last few weeks. I’ve had my Starling account for over three months now and it was working fine up until then. Customer service was hit and miss, they either tried to help, didn’t answer the phone or cut me out of the queue. They also said they were baffled by my problem, now I read that others have had the same.
Tonight I can’t get into my account again, I’m supposedly not connected to the internet. I really want Starling to work but am feeling very disappointed and wary of trusting it now.


Hi @Ali_Spencer sorry you’re having issues with your account, I’ve copied in CS to assist. @StarlingSupport if you could please take a look and assist, thanks gus.


Thanks, but I was supposed to get assistance and call backs etca couple of weeks ago, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app approx seven times now and it is working at the moment, no guarantee it will be working tomorrow though, and that’s the problem. I’m not finding it reliable and customer service , though they generally try to help , are way too slow. I’m keeping written notes of all my transactions so I’ll hopefully have some idea of my account balance next time I can’t get into it.


What device are you using out of interest?


I’ve not been able to get a text to get back into my account, I uninstalled the app to try to recreate a bug I reported before. I’m waiting a day or so to try again since I got back in fine the day before. On an iPhone 6s.


Android phone


Had this issue with several texts to be able to acresss my starling account. In the end several days later I had about 20 messages come through to finally access the account.