Code not being received via SMS when downloading Starling App on new device


Hope some one can help?

I have had a new iPhone X running iOS11.2.1, and have downloaded the Starling App. When opening the app it asks for my mobile number so I can receive a ‘code’ but I am not receiving the ‘code’ via SMS.
I have added my Starling Card to Apple Pay and have received a confirmation SMS from Starling so I know that I can receive SMS messages from Starling but just not one which contains the ‘Code’.

The support team are baffled by this also!

Has anyone else had this fault, if so, how did you get around this?


Hi Andrew, can you delete the app and try again.


Hi Joe, have already tried this, still no joy.


Have you reached you device limit? What have CS advised?


Not sure, I only had the app downloaded on my previous device which has now been reset back to factory settings.
CS are baffled as to why the SMS are not being received, I have spoken with EE and they have confirmed all is ok from their end and have also sent a few test SMS messages which I received instantly.


Can you ask CS to remove your previous devices and see if the SMS comes through.


I will give that a try when i next speak to them, I am awaiting a call back or email with some further instructions/advice.


Drop them a message on the chat on the website. Please let me know if this resolves this


Hi Joe, spoke with CS via Live Chat and they removed all devices. Tried registering again but still no joy :tired_face:


How frustrating :triumph: now they’ve removed previous devices, delete app and try again.


Tried this again also but still no SMS message. Still speaking with CS via live chat too


Keep me updated. Hope this is resolved soon.


Has this been resolved?


Still hasn’t been resolved as yet. Awaiting to hear back from CS


Ok, have you removed sim and put back in phone and tried again. Sometimes the most easiest of things can work :slight_smile:


Tried this, also tried using sim in another phone and downloading the starling app but still no joy. Spoke with EE Technical Team again today and they are certain the fault lies with Starling


Have you switched from iOS to android or vise versa?


iOS to iOS.
FYI - I added my Starling Card to Apple Pay and I received an instant SMS confirming my Starling Card was successfully added and ready to use.

Really don’t understand why I cannot receive the ‘Code’ SMS :thinking:


Have you tried removing you Starling card from Apple Pay and then trying to gain acesss to app? Don’t want you to lose access to Apple Pay though :see_no_evil:


Worth a try, you never know.