Closing a chat


How do you close a chat session? Is it just the agent that can do that? I have the purple chat button floating on my screen, even after leaving the app. Rather annoying when the chat has finished.

Android Release 0.43.0
Android Release 0.43.0

I’ve now got exactly the same here too! I’m in Android and can’t see a way of getting rid of the purple circle.


Try pressing in chat top right on android in screen it closed it for me this morning.


Great, thanks, that worked! There’s a secret icon there to press!


@Gallifreyangirl thanks - mine disappeared after about half an hour! I can’t test your invisible button but it sounds like you’re right :slight_smile:


@StarlingSupport - can this be fixed? The close button needs to be visible!


I will raise it quickly :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @LoganAllan - @Gallifreyangirl was definitely right as I’ve just used the invisible button to close another chat!


I’ve been told this will be fixed in our next release (next week) :slight_smile:


Thanks @JamesPratley. I’m amazed something like this got through testing. Look forward to seeing it fixed next week.


Hopefully post office deposits are next week too :+1:


This issue has been fixed today and will be in a release on Monday.


Roundup too? :crossed_fingers::wink:


I can confirm we now have a little ‘X’ to close the chat window :slight_smile: