Closed my Starling account


After trying it for a few months it’s time for us to part ways. The overall service is great and still miles ahead of legacy banks but for me the deal breaker was the app which sometimes seems behind the other competitor challenger banks, and despite feedback the issue with Touch ID is still not sorted. I hate working around bad UX so I’m afraid I’ve got to switch to a competitor. Might revisit Starling in a year or so and see how they’ve (hopefully) improved on that front.

I guess I should point out that the other reason for leaving has less to do with Starling but the simple fact that I’ve got other things coming up in my life and will I no longer have the time to play around with bank accounts for the coming months so I ended up consolidating my finances into an account that best fits my use case for the time being.

Thanks and best of luck to everyone here, and I’ll see you again at some point. :heart:


It’s a shame you’ve closed your account. I’m sure it’ll be everything you want it to be at some point. If you think about what they’ve built and delivered so far, it’s pretty impressive, but I can appreciate what you are saying. All the best.


You’ll surely be welcomed back. :+1:


Which one?


Monzo current account. Not really a strong competitor yet as it’s in private beta and has its own quirks but at least the app doesn’t ask for my fingerprint every 10 seconds. Again such a shame that Starling managed to build a good banking stack from scratch but didn’t bother touching up the user experience of their app.


Are you coming from an andriod device? my iOS experience has been nothing but positive! the app opens instantly.

In regards to Monzo, in case you were not aware. They do not have FSCS protection yet.

I am new to the Starling group. Could you share why you do not like the UX/UI and other reasons why you have decided to leave?


My experience is on iOS and the whole app feels kinda slow, in addition to the Touch ID bug (if I disable Touch ID I don’t want to be asked for it at random like it does currently), and the Pulse graph is useless to me and I constantly have to scroll up to actually see what matters - the transaction feed.

Overall it isn’t a bad product and I would definitely recommend it over any legacy bank but in terms of the UX it’s still not perfect.

Thanks for the warning, I thought Monzo was already FSCS protected on the current account, though for the amount of money I’m keeping in there (my spending money basically - everything else will go to a savings account) I’m alright with taking the risk temporarily until they sort that out.


What is the Touch ID bug? I have not experienced this? Is this something coming? lol. I am running iOS 11 though, maybe that is why I am all good? The app seems very responsive for me. It only asks me for my Touch ID if I have left the app open for around 5 minutes unattended. Which is what I would expect from a banking app for security reasons. Maybe the option to prolong this period or turn it off all together would be an option for further updates?

I applied for both Starling and Monzo at the same time to test the two out before committing, but have not been given my Monzo yet as there is a waiting list.

So far the marketplace (once all complete, and with a few UX/UI improvements) would make Starling in my eyes, superior.


It only asks me for my Touch ID if I have left the app open for around 5 minutes unattended

That’s my problem with it - there’s a Touch ID toggle in the app’s settings and I have it disabled because my phone itself is protected via Touch ID. I don’t want to ID again every time I switch back to the app. This is the kind of useless friction and “security” I’d expect from a legacy bank, not Starling.


@Rjevski think there has been an update to this. It has stopped asking me to ‘tap to authenticate’ to use touch ID and doesn’t seem to be asking if you leave the app for a second.

I only noticed this today and it did an update earlier. It’s still not right though and is very annoying. Though it has never been consistent so who knows.


Just a correction here: Monzo do have FSCS protection with their current account preview, just not with their prepaid card scheme.


Thank you for the correction! Their website confused me.


Tap to authenticate is simply a fall back if you dismiss the Touch ID prompt and want to get it again. But for me the Touch ID after a few minutes of inactivity is still there despite turning it off in the app’s settings. I check my balance quite often and I want zero friction while doing so - the competitor app takes 1 second from startup to balance and transactions on screen. Starling takes 5 seconds (including the time it takes to manually dismiss the Pulse graph).


Not that I’m encouraging anyone to leave, but Monzo do have protection.
I’m still hedging my bets - although I am considering moving everything over to the Monzo current account just to test it for a bit. - I won’t be closing my Starling account though.

It is frustrating sometimes, the Starling app - but then we are in beta and we took it on knowing that.
(I have loads of maps and logos missing in my transactions list and a few that never get updated no matter how many times I report them)


Sorry to see you go but at least you have tried Starling. You can always come back if you like or hang round here and see all that is happening. I am using Starling as my main bank and only one but have the prepaid Monzo app that I use too. I am watching Monzo too as I maybe tempted to move across once the current accounts roll out for all.


That is not clear and I was not aware it was beta. References on website are few and far between and nothing on Card to say beta.


One of my reasons for leaving is that I’ve got other things coming up in my life and will I no longer have the time to play around with bank accounts for the coming months so I ended up consolidating my finances into an account that best fits my use case for the time being.

Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll have lots of free time on my hands again and I can be back here and hopefully see what exciting things Starling has came up with. :smiley:


I think that is one of Starlings problems - it’s not clear to people who just find the website or read an article and sign up.

I think it’s made worse by the fact they offer the current account switching service - that gives the impression it’s a fully fledged and fully functioning bank.


To be honest despite being a beta I haven’t had any serious problems with Starling personally - the core product is solid and is definitely better than any legacy bank - when Starling goes wrong a quick chat in the app sorts out the issue, where as with a legacy bank you’ll be fighting for weeks before giving up.


Sure, but there’s no secret that Starling is building from the ground up and has only been live a matter of months.

It’s true, when joining Monzo, the fact that you’re participating in something warts and all is writ large. Even to a warning that you should expect problems along the way.

Perhaps it was simply assumed that those signing up with Starling would get the implications of being early adopters. Might be worth reviewing what is stated at the signing up stage. Must admit - I don’t recall.