Closed my legacy bank today


I am now fully starling and have closed my legacy bank with Natwest as have been impressed by Starling so far with banking and customer service.


Excellent - we’re so glad to hear this! Thanks for making the switch, we’re happy to have you. :grinning:


Nice feeling isn’t it? :smiley:


Yes it is @Graham


Fully switching was the best financial decision I have made in a long time.

You have made the right choice! :smiley:


That’s awesome to hear! Spread the word - you can now switch to Starling on iOS and Android too. You can download it from the Play store here.


Best decision I made. Goodbye Nationwide.


I did the same almost two months ago now. I certainly don’t miss Nationwide. :joy:


I wish Starling did mortgages, I could ditch Nationwide as well.

Letting them handle my mortgage has been a reoccurring nightmare.


Personally, I’ve never had too many issues with Nationwide in the past compared to other banks. They’re not great and they have some fairly outdated processes, but big ‘bank’ wise their customer services are up there with First Direct from my experience.

Barclays, in comparison, are generally a nightmare. Their customer services are terrible (though not quite HSBC bad), and for the most part just don’t seem to care. Unfortunately, they do have the best apps for the big banks right now. I mainly maintain basic relationship with them to have an ‘in’ with a big bank, as being a long-term customer can sometimes have benefits.

I’d love to adopt Starling as my main account though and am a big believer that banking can be made much better. The thing that I really need though is a better credit card as I tend to use this for my main spending, and hopefully Starling will consider offering this down the line.


Outdated isn’t the word, their systems date from the Arc. I think in my local branch (I only go to rectify problems they’ve created) they still have a dot matrix printer for the passbooks or they did have about 6 months ago when I last went.

Their system won’t allow a mortgage payment any later than 28th of the month as this is the month with the least days??

Their banking app takes literally days to update. I technically have a joint account with them, it’s one my wife has, I never use it. I have a Nationwide card for overseas spending as that was free, but I’ll not need that now Starling offer free overseas spending. They credit card takes days to update spending or payments, truly useless.

I have found their mortgage customer service appalling at best. Day to day banking wise I don’t know.

I’m with First Direct and find them great, their app was dramatically improved in their last update, so Starling will need to prove and improve their app before I make the full jump. They could learn a lot from the First Direct payments page and process.


Agreed about Nationwide’s processing in general, but what is most remarkable is they implemented a new core banking system a few years ago and I believe have one of the most modern systems big ‘bank’ wise. I’m also not a huge fan of their app and it does lag behind.

First Direct are great and I agree the app is a huge leap forward from their past efforts. But I feel they are somewhat limited by being part of the HSBC group, and they’re unlikely to ever be able to match the functionality that challenger banks can.


Have you all seen the lloyds app? it’s not even optimised to take advantage of the iPhone 6 and newer display size. This is absolutely shocking and pure lazy. iPhone 6 was launched in 2014.


I’m not surprised. I’ve never been a fan of Lloyds or any of their group. I had Halifax in the past and when they switched to the Lloyds online banking system, the functionality went back 100x.


One of my issues with Nationwide was when I had to do a chargeback and submit evidence… I got told an email address over the phone to send the invoices to… I got an automated email back saying the mailbox was full. Just ridiculous.

Not to mention the usual nonsense when logging into your account - please enter the 1st, 3rd and 6th digit of your passcode and we’ll design the page so that it breaks every single password manager out there.


I’m happy with Nationwide only one issue - no pending transactions.
It’s to early to switch main account to Starling due to outages and card/online payments rejections.


I have a joint account with Nationwide - I quite like them. As ethical places to put your money go. We only really have Nationwide and Co-op Bank that can really be relied upon.

Ethics + tech (end user wise) are the two things that I go on when choosing accounts.

Their app is no Starling or Monzo but it looks nice enough and it’s adequate.

I was with TSB for a while, I went with them because they were due to be an independent UK only (no investments) bank. Then Sabadel bought them so I immediately left. - I actually really liked their app.

Their way of verifying transactions was good - so, so much better than card readers and passwords.
I believe the TSB app was the same or similar to all the HBOS group apps - although you’d hope they’d diverged a bit by now.

We have our mortgage with Halifax, simply because I was on a zero hours contract at the time and they were the only ones who would take us (it was basically a case of ease up on the ethics or don’t have a house).

The Halifax app is the most horrible, ugly piece of c*** I’ve ever seen. It’s like a parody of a Geocities website from 1997. It’s shocking.
I don’t know how it can be basically the same as the TSB app but also so different at the same time.

I’ve gone right off Monzo since realising how far behind their Android version is and then seeing them release their test current account on iOS first. Everything is just, ‘coming soon’, for Android.

My main account though is with Yorkshire Bank - B. I like it, but the app recently started acting up. I’m really tempted to take the plunge and switch to Starling. Only a few niggles left…

I’m just hoping Starling stay independent/don’t get any dodgy shareholders or start investing in bad stuff (in the future).


I really wanted to like the B Account, I set up a joint account with my partner but the iOS app was just riddled with issues. We had to speak to Yorkshire Bank at least twice a week because her app would just stop working and then wouldn’t let her log-in. Also all of the good functionality of the budgeting, etc didn’t work with joint accounts; if I set some goals and budgets up, my partner didn’t see them, which defeated the whole point! Sadly, I just ended up closing the account because it was more hassle than it was worth.

Definitely looking forward to what Starling comes up with in this area!


What can I actually expect if I do switch? What works and what doesn’t?

I’ve never had the card declined, but was just reading the thread about Costco. Does that happen a lot?


It took about a week for me to be happy to shift literally all my banking from First Direct over. However I have discovered there is a ‘long tail’ of issues on being able to specifically close your legacy bank account, which is worth bearing in mind. None of it is Starling’s fault, I should add.

  • Some Direct Debit billers do not accept the automated current account switch. Most of it has gone through flawlessly but Santander mortgages for example send you a letter and ask you to call in and setup the DD again manually, even though you can see it recorded in the Starling app. They claim it is standard process and they need to perform additional security for moving a high value payment.
    (Having previously read the 100+ page current account switching spec provided to banks, I was a little disappointed to see gaps in the process especially since Santander are a member of BACS who run the CAS service, and I was even more annoyed when the person I spoke to on the phone, had all my new Starling details - so they ARE recording the switch instruction, then cancelling the Direct Debit…!)

  • You may forget to notify some payers of your new bank details (i.e. inbound standing orders) and even those that you do notify, may take an age to respond and/or generate exceptions before they’ll make the change. I have had both and it has been helpful to have the legacy bank account left open for a while to be reminded of who hasn’t got the message or acted on instructions, as not everyone has processes or systems as well oiled as Starling!

Just a thought, anyway - but I am counting down the days before I can do the same and close my old account, although most of the emotional satisfaction was when I moved my money and turned off all the other cards/products, as well as sending a polite letter explaining why I’d had enough (not responded to in over a month…!)