Closed Monzo, settled on Starling - attitude to Android matters!


So after trying out both banks for a couple of months, I decided Starling was the definite winner :checkered_flag: :trophy:

Aside from the fact that Starling already have a current account and I find their app just a bit nicer to use, a key decider for me was their attitude to Android. Monzo are much further behind on Android and seem to treat their Android userbase as a bit of an afterthought. Yes, there are differences between iOS/Android with Starling too, but they seem to be making more of an effort to close the gap and have a stated aim of getting to parity and launching features in tandem going forward. To be fair to Monzo, their customer service bloke did say they plan to fix that (and indeed, their CEO has switched to an Android phone to lead by example) - but realistically it sounds like it will be well into next year, after they’ve launched their current accounts in full, by which point Starling will no doubt continue to have innovated.

Starling 1 - Monzo 0.


Thrilled to hear it, Guy! As an Android-er myself, I certainly know how annoying it is to hear “Android coming soon…”, I’ve seen from the inside that Android matters here which is pretty exciting. :robot:


Good decision. Welcome :grinning:


I’m confused at this whole Android vs iOS and Starling vs Monzo fixation.

From what I understand of Starling, the Android development is ahead of iOS. (I’m an iOS user).

Starling has a Current Account, Monzo does not (there’s a limited preview trial, it’s not generally available). Monzo has said that they’re working towards parity between Android and iOS for when their current account does become available to the public between now and the end of the year.

Both Starling and Monzo are new. The Banking landscape is being challenged. Now, that’s got to be a good thing. Wouldn’t it be tedious if Starling and Monzo were the same.


Hi Johnny - it’s not Android vs iOS, it’s just a desire for parity. It’s really frustrating when all the good features are launched for iOS, while Android users have to wait for ages to get the same service. My point was just that Starling seem to be doing a better job of progressing towards parity, whilst Monzo are taking much longer about it - if you look at Monzo’s public road map, many of the features that iOS have had all year are still 6-9 months away for Android, not the end of this year as you thought :frowning:


I have both Monzo and Starling current accounts and am in no rush to make a choice between them as the journey is so much longer than that,

As an android user, they both have their positives, and developmental points.

I like the ability on Starling to be able to set up an in-house standing order to my goals. I note that iOs users, cannot do that. The lack of that facility would frustrate me and probably persuade me to leave my savings in legacy banks earning double the APR (for up to 12 months anyway).

I like the Add Notes and Add Receipts feature on my Monzo transactions. Starling will progress to that, I’m sure.

Whether this debate should have its own thread or merged into one of the many Competitor News threads that already exist is perhaps another story.

I am sure @JamesPratley with consider that when next online.


Thankfully Monzo and Starling are different. Imagine how boring it’d be otherwise, just like legacy banks, you tend to bank with one you’ve been with since a child, or one that hasn’t wronged you over the years.

I use iOS, but equally I like Android, infact I’ll probably end up with an Android next time. I’d like to see total parity between both, so one isn’t favoured over another. I’d not choose my bank on the back of which had the better features, I’m not sure what Android has or iOS has the other doesn’t, so what I don’t know won’t hurt me.

Hopefully over time they’ll both be on a par and move together hand in hand with features updated together.

When do Starling think both will be in a level playing field??


Hi all,

I’d like to reiterate we are committed to complete feature parity between iOS and Android (of course with exception of platform specific features…for example FaceID on iPhoneX… StayTunedTM :wink: )

When disparities happen, it’s never lack of care.
More often it´s technical differences between platforms which are vast and implementing the same feature has different costs when it comes to programming effort.
We also end up with slighty different designs once in while.
Lastly we try to keep the engineering team small which means there is not much redundancy and sometimes real life gets in the way.
We will always try to close the gap as soon as possible.


Thanks for the reply. I never thought it was through a lack of care.

It’s good to hear that both platforms will run hand in hand with the same features. I will look forward to testing that on my next phone which I think will be an Android.

I think the team have done a fantastic job with the app so far, I look forward to the upcoming updates.


With me and my Partner both having used Monzo and Starling (me on Android and her on iOS) the gap between iOS and Android on Starling is tiny compared to the gap on Monzo.

I’d say that Android has less than half the features of iOS over there whereas with Starling, the main difference is the Payments which we have already been told is being addressed. Unless I’m missing some other big difference?


These direct updates from Team members are really helpful and clearly welcome in the community. Thanks folks.


That was put incredibly well, thank you @Kris!


This does not fill me with confidence. :hushed:

If Touch ID functionality is included in an iPhone app then Face ID will work. There’s no new development that you need to do.


There are subtle differences in how FaceID works in practice, and we need to make sure all cases (incl. edge cases) are covered. This means there is days of enginnering work that is exclusive to iOS.


From a developer point of view is it not just an authentication mechanism? It matters not whether the device uses Touch ID or Face ID, the developer just uses the biometric authentication.

I understood that the whole point was that there was no additional development required from app producers. What have I missed?


I closed my monzo pre paid account the other day. Its pointless now. The customer services hastled me for ages not to close it and told me I wouldn’t be able to open a CA for months if I did. I did anyway. He actually annoyed me.

The app reset as expected but to my surprise i got pushed back to front of CA queue.

I’m not gonna join (for now at least)…better overdraft here, cheaper ATM, goals, payee system better (on android!!!) but I’ll keep the invite in my back pocket :smiley:


Attitude to Android might be viewed a bit differently after today’s announcement!


I imagine that more Android users would have a Fitbit watch than iOS users? I would assume that iOS users would tend to stick more to their own ecosystem and prefer and chose an Apple Watch? I could always be wrong though?

I would love to see an official breakdown out of pure curiosity.



I was talking about Monzo’s Android Pay announcement.


Ooopppss… I thought you meant the Fitbit Pay announcement from Starling; I’ve only just seen that thread now. I can’t imagine Apple Pay being too far behind if Android Pay has just been announced?