Close personal account via CASS?


Hi all. I’m considering closing my Starling personal account, but unfortunately I only convinced my fiancé to move our joint account to Starling a couple of weeks ago, and she doesn’t want to move banks again so soon. If I were to ask Nationwide to switch my Starling account to them, what would happen to the joint account? Do we only need a personal account to open a joint account, or does the personal account need to remain open for the joint account to function?


@StarlingSupport can you help @podgib about will closing his personal account effect his joint account.


You have to have a personal account in order to have a joint account.

The terms of a Joint account state you both need a personal account.

  1. Where you and another person who holds a personal current account with us apply to open an account together, we will open an account in both your names (“Joint Account”).

Who is eligible for a Starling Joint Current Account?

A Joint Account is available to any two existing Starling personal account customers whose personal accounts have been fully verified.


Thanks :slight_smile: I wonder what would happen, though, if I did use CASS to close it, after already having a joint account. I don’t think they can refuse the CASS instruction. But would they automatically close the joint account too? And what would happen to any balance (or direct debits if we had them) in that case?

It doesn’t really matter I guess as I can just leave the personal account open and not use it, but as someone said on the thread on fees, the best way to vote is with your feet. Either way, I’d be curious to know how they’d handle this case :slight_smile:

(tbh I’m tempted to try it and then if they do close the joint account my fiancé will have no choice :joy: I promise to report back if I do)


I don’t think there’s anything in the terms and conditions about needing to maintain a personal account after opening a joint account. It’s only a requirement for opening a joint account.


Why would it be a requirement to open one at the start then? you don’t need one to open a business account.

I’m sure @StarlingSupport will confirm either way, but sort of defeats the object if you can open a personal, then joint then immediately close the personal one.


I would imagine it’s because of the onboarding process.


I assumed the requirement for opening the account was just because the joint account was rushed out due to demand and that was the quickest way to implement it. I can’t see any reason to maintain that requirement long term.


Just wondering why you’ve not gone straight to CS. Unless it’s to stimulate some discussion, of course :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought it was a question that others may find interesting.

But also, I did ask CS, and they are yet to give me an answer - probably the poor CS rep working Sunday nights isn’t used to handling such technical queries :slight_smile:


I bet they’re not…:grinning:


It would be nice to get a definitive answer from @StarlingSupport on this. I see no reason why someone closing a personal account should mean that the joint account gets closed too.


Hey @podgib

If you do a full CASS out which results in your account closure then you won’t have access to your joint account. We wouldn’t force you to close the joint account, but from your side it would essentially be impossible to do any banking.

If you want the joint account to remain open then do a partial CASS out which will keep the personal Starling account open and active