Cleared Transaction / Cleared Balance


Would it be possible to indicate in the transaction feed whether it’s cleared or not? I know you can dig down into the transaction to see but I don’t really want to keep doing that.

I reconcile my accounts to YNAB and it gets confusing when transactions disappear. I’ve just had a £1 authorisation transaction reversed from a few days ago and unlike Monzo, the original transaction is deleted rather than a new reversing transaction appears.

Would also be useful to use to indicate that a foreign exchange transaction may also change as it hasn’t posted yet.

If you do add the flag then being able to see the cleared balance somewhere would also be good.


Is there any chance of this happening, it’s making it awkward to know what I need to clear out not, especially unsettled USD transactions :frowning:


It only takes a few days for debit card items to clear so l’d personally prefer if the feed was left uncluttered.

The biggest issue with delayed transactions is perhaps TfL but that’s about how the transactions are generated and outside card issuers control.

The whole point of the Starling account is to keep the balance as real-time as possible so I’m not sure what the benefits of trying to reconcile it are?

I’m happy with the information the feed shows.


This also applies to any pay at pump transaction where they authorise first and claim the full amount later or any foreign exchange transaction where the exchange rate doesn’t settle until cleared.

Reconciliation is part of any external accounting package where you are keeping a duplicate of the register. People who don’t use budgeting or accounting software won’t see any benefit in this.

Most people probably will be. The minimum I would be after is a tiny little ‘c’ on the transaction line. It could be an optional flag triggered in settings?


Second this request. Having sent a notification that the transaction took place and then another one to show it reveresed not sure why it wouldn’t show on my feed.


I just had my purchase from Deliveroo refunded and the transaction just disappeared when it was reversed. Would be useful for it to stay as a reference.


Agreed. Refunded transactions should be shown in the app.