Clean up the Upcoming Features Section


It would be great if the upcoming features section was reserved for features that are well… upcoming. Right now it seems anyone can post there and there are some discussions that appear to belong in the ideas section.

Would it be possible to get the section cleaned up and locked so only Starling can post/move threads there? This would make it a much tider area and make it easier to see and discuss what’s upcoming.


Hello. This is a great suggestion! I’ve been working on it this morning. Go check out the Upcoming Features section now and let me know what you think! :sunglasses:


Thanks for sorting it out, it looks great and is much more usable now. :smile: Slight OCD: the ‘Invite Friends to Starling…’ thread is lacking the green tick, but that’s just being picky. :upside_down_face:


Good spot! :white_check_mark: