Chip Savings Integration


Ive been using this app for a while with my TSB account and saved more than I otherwise would, is there any chance of using it with starling?


Hi Dan

One of the major features on Starling’s road-map is providing integrated savings solutions, very much along the lines described in your link (and I don’t think that’s far away).

Anyone else got more for Dan?


They have already integrated Moneybox which does something very similar but for investing with rounding up penny to the pound. works very well.


I saw moneybox but I just want to save rather than invest :slight_smile:


I have to agree - Chip (or Chip-like functionality) would be a great enhancement to Starling; I’m a big fan. If anyone is curious, my code ‘MT90V9’ will get anyone an additional 1% interest for a year (as will I).


+1 from me too. Love Chip. Hope you can link them.



I used chip, but cancelled after a couple of weeks. I found it terrible and the customer service worse.

For the customer service, they appeared to be unable to answer basic questions, instead replying to queries with a smilie or a meme. All very well for the more youthful clientele they target, but it does not substitute for an actual answer.

As for their technology and working out how much you can afford to save, it got it so wrong. The first attempt would have left me with £20.00 with just two weeks to payday, with a bill still to come off (a regular one). I managed to stop it and said because it was too much, but the next week it calculated a higher sum I could apparently afford to save. I could not stop this one, as notification was sent during the working day, when my phone was off, and by the time I read it just after 16:00, I was too late to stop it. It took over a week before I could get it back. The customer service mentioned above did not really care. More or less saying their algorithms were accurate, sending me another meme in the process.

I also believe (it was certainly the case at the time), that your money is not protected by the FSCS, as this type of e-wallet (I think that is what it was called), is not currently covered (or wasn’t ), by the scheme.

In conclusion, to make it relevant to Starling, I would not worry about it. I will have more faith in a version of your own for this.


Moneybox’s charges, proportionate to the amount you are likely to invest this way are actually quite high, certainly if you convert to a percentage, and then add the fund manager’s own charges.


I agree @pmcg76 - they are quite high. Whilst Moneybox offer something akin to “save the change” albeit to an investment ISA, the £1 they charge on relatively small amounts is significant. After 7 months of running it, I was actually down nearly £2. Not a massive amount I grant you, but it’s not a ‘saving’ either - it was an expense.

Some people will be prepared to pay for that service. But I’m not. I closed my Moneybox. Maybe if you’re prepared to save over many years like that, paying their fee each month, you’ll break even. Or invest a lump sum up front.


I use chip too for savings would be great for starling to merge :blush:


Hi All
I am now using Chip for a few weeks and its been great.
i would love to use it with Starling bank

If anyone wants to use my referral code, it’s : Q0BQMT
Using this we both get 1% interest each .

Thank you so much if you use this code.


Is there any news from Starling if they would be looking to add Chip to the marketplace?

I also noticed when I signed up for Chip, Starling wasn’t one of the banks that was supported by Chip. Is this something that the Starling team could liaise with Chip about?

Would be a great addition. Also nice to beat Monzo to it if they decided to incorporate them in their app.

Come on Starling, get in there first!!!


Chip is currently raising money and is acquiring a banking licence. I suspect that puts them more as a competitor to Starling now?


Quite possibly, I don’t know if they plan current accounts, just savings accounts it would appear.

I guess it depends on what Starling are planning. They keep saying just current accounts, so they may not clash and be best buddies!!?

I like the look of Chip, it might be that Starling sideline any plans for ‘save the change’ and run Chip alongside this as their provider from the marketplace?? It would be good to see more in the marketplace (1 solitary company at the moment I believe) in the marketplace, it’s looking a bit bereft!!


I’ve answered my own question, Chip are approved with both Starling and the other hot coral challenger bank for each of their marketplaces. This will be going live in Q1 2018.

This looks like a great product. It appears that Chip want to be to savings, what Starling and the other challenger banks are to current accounts, so not a competitor but a partner.


Had an email from chip yesterday they are currently raising for current accounts, I use them for savings and must say it’s quite impressive! :laughing:


From Chip’s investor pack. There’s no mention of current accounts, they appear to be targeting savings only.

“Chip’s journey to becoming the challenger bank for savings

Data powered money saving
With access to quantum of data until now monopolised by banks, Chip will empower consumers to optimise their finances.
Connecting to current accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, utility providers and much more. Chip will be the bank you trust to effortless offer you the best deal from across the whole market.

Enabling savers to seamlessly optimise their finances in the automatic and effortless way Chip has already done with savings.”


Hi All,

Chip is fantastic, have been using it a while now, what a great way to save!

When you sign up, it will ask for a referral code. If you enter the below code:


…you can get an increase of 1% HIGHER interest rate :wink:

Hope this helps!


Is chips integration in the works? I’d love to try as I’m quite fed up with moneybox however I can’t now that sterling is my only current account.


I’ve been using Chip for a couple of months now and it suits me better than Moneybox did. I really like it.

I think you have to pay a lot more monthly into Moneybox to make it worthwhile in the long run. It worked well though and I had no problems with it. The customer service was excellent too.

With Chip, the fact that you can build up above inflation regular easy access savings with interest paid quarterly without the hassle, it’s a no brainer in my book.

If anyone needs a referral code with 1% interest to start saving with, mine is: HPQCHM

I’ll get an extra 1% too.

I currently have 2% left in referrals to give.

Many thanks.