Chip, Plum or just goals with Starling


Hi, I’m pretty new here but enjoying it so far compared to the Bank of Ireland dark ages!
I’ve been looking at Plum and Chip as savings options.
Anyone had any experiences with these or is it better to just use goals in the starling app?


I personally just stick with Goals


Neither of those work with starling sadly and they don’t seem to be bothered.


Yeah, seems a bit that way. Shame as Chip seems pretty switched on about what they are trying to do!


I had really good experiences with Chip and my legacy account. Anyway, I hadn’t considered that it wouldn’t work with Starling. I started using Starling in mid-April and then switched quite quickly in May. I’d been in touch with them in April about integration and they were quite insistent it would arrive “within two weeks.”

Anyway, they’ve clearly demonstrated that is simply not the case and they’ve now taken to ignoring me when I tweet them about it.

I’ll be quite happy to never use Chip again based on this.


I’ve got to be honest… I don’t see the benefit of Plum or Chip.

For me, knowing my own spending habits, and moving all disposable income into a goal at the start of the month (or Wealthify account if truth be known), I am:

  1. Aware of where everything is going.
  2. Can budget for purchases I know I’ll be making that month.
  3. Move all disposable income out of my main balance, which means I’m less likely to spend.

If a programme did that for me, I’d be less clued up about my finances, and just have to hope I was saving enough (which seems counter productive to what most people are actually trying to achieve).


Automated methods don’t appeal to me, I like to know where my money is going and being in complete control of that. However for those that are not so good at saving these offer a simple way to save without much interaction. It can soon add up, and for someone who doesn’t save you really appreciate it.


I found chip quite aggressive in what it was taking from my account so I’ve actually turned it off. I am going to stick with Goals for now.


Goals seems to work for me.

I have two automatic transfers, one is daily for a small amount and one is weekly for slightly larger amount.

Neither pot is ever going to contain millions :joy: however both amounts are small enough that I don’t miss them and large enough that they are working their way to being a great emergency fund