Child Benefit?


I’m slowly in the process of transferring my direct debits and incoming payments over to Starling.
Today I phoned the child benefit office to give my new details.
They stated Starling bank were not on the preferred list and they would pass my account details to ’ the boys in the backroom’ who would see if it was suitable for them to make payments too.
I then phoned the tax credit office who happily took my account details and didn’t hint at any potential issues.
Anyone on here had any similar issues or are you happily getting child benefits/ tax credits paid into your Starling accounts?


I’m getting Universal Credit paid in with no problems at all.


Might be worth contacting Starling CS who will get in touch with BACS on your behalf.


UPDATE: Despite what I was initially told by the Child Benefit office I can confirm it was deposited into my account on time☺


Glad to hear this is all resolved for you @DoubleSocks :smiley:

If you have any other questions that come up as you transition over to Starling, get in touch with us so we can look into any issues for you.