Cheque deposit


@Matt_Lovett, you’ll know this anyway, but we are absolutely dedicated to adding meaningful features and finding new ways to give our customers a healthy financial life. So… while I don’t work in the product team and can’t share timescales, I can say with confidence we’re aware this is a feature customers are interested in.


The whole electronic cheque clearance (including pay in my image) is currently in a phased rollout, banks are rolling the feature gradually, so it will come online eventually, but only when the following conditions are met:

  • your bank and account has been enabled in rollout
  • the senders bank and account has been enabled in rollout
  • your bank has specifically enabled mobile cheque imaging and updated their app to reflect this
  • your bank has specifically enabled your account for mobile cheque imaging
  • you have the latest version of your banks app

Any one of these conditions not being met would trigger the error message, however it will get less and less likely as the banks all continue with the phased rollout.

It may also be in your case that the error you are getting is the generic error message so is served whenever the scan fails (whether due to rollout issues or due to a technical issue with your actual cheque scan), even though it is giving you a misleading message.


you forget that those are the criteria for banks who are already clearing cheques. Starling would also need to belong to the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company presumably!


Yes, I was specifically talking about the issues that @pmcg76 was having with his legacy bank app, but that is also very true! Without being a member of CCCC then none of it can happen for Starling.


Had that feature 4 years ago in the US. Really nice capability.


I see Halifax now allows current account customers to pay in a cheque by taking a photo and submitting it in the app. There are a few others who have already adopted this system. I’d really like to see Starling leading the field in areas such as this.


Where do I find this in the Halifax app - I can’t see it! If this has been introduced, I can now close my Clydesdale “B” account.

If Starling bring it in too (and once linked DDs to Goals is completed) I can close them all!


I don’t have a current account with Halifax myself but I saw a screenshot someone posted a couple of days ago.


Click on the burger menu in the top right and you’ll see Cheques Beta.


Looks like Clydesdale Bank is offering cheque deposit via their app. Think I’ll open an account.


I think you are starting to see the ‘high street’ banks for want of a better word starting to catch up and at times overtake the ‘challenger’ banks.

Cheques is a good example. The large banks literally have offices full of people working on digital 24/7 and if banks like Starling aren’t careful they will fall behind in what is really their only differentiator.

I’m impressed with the starling app but others are catching up very quickly,


Yep Barclays are testing Notifications at the moment, so be interesting to see how long before they launch them. The only thing Barclays can’t actually do that Starling can is Notifications and Goals. Nationwide are working on modernising their app and Natwest and HSBC have announced plans to improve them substantially.

If you look at the banking annual reports and the amount some are budgeting for digital banking, we are talking about millions of pounds and lots of additional staff.


Indeed, an old colleague of mine was a project manager at Nationwide, he had a team of over 40 working on digital (App and Internet based platforms) just for his little area of specific.
I know FD/HSBC are currently trialling specifically with goals and virtual accounts (inc virtual joint).

That said I’d never bank with Barclays again regardless!


Apparently Fd will also allow you to take a pic of cheques soon™. They now use the Image Clearing System so when you deposit a cheque it’s in the account very quickly.


I’m sure the legacy banks are playing catch up with all these features, many of which Starling and the Fintech banks introduced. The point is that Starling is more than the sum of its features, good though they are. It’s an idea whose time is now. That’s why it will always be ahead of legacy banks.


Starling is more than the app. They don’t have the legacy support and systems in place of traditional banks. They have started from scratch and using modern tech. It’s quite an advantage over the competition.


I think you may have hit the nail on the head here. While there are plenty of people who are with Starling because they want super duper techie features, and plenty of people who have other reasons, there are also a big chunk of people who quite frankly want a place to put money in and take it out, but want to for whatever reason avoid the traditional banks like the plague, I certainly would avoid most big business if I could, which sadly I can’t, because I find they’re entirely one way traffic, it’s all about getting the most from you while giving the least to you. That’s where there’s the real growth potential, as the alternative solution, presuming Starling want it of course.