Cheque clearing cycle


Ooh interesting read


I’ve been trialling that with Barclays for over a year now, they are opening it up to other banks shortly as well.

It works very well, you literally just scan both sides of the cheque and it clears within hours.

The article is slightly wrong though, Barclays publicly declared it will be accepting other banks cheques this year not in 2018.



I’d be one step closer to switching over to Starling Bank as my main account if they introduced this on their mobile banking app.

As is, I have more options for paying my cheques in at First Direct. (And that’s saying something!)
But it’s a real pain. And they have no time scale as to when they’ll introduce cheque imaging on their app. Just later next year sometime.

I hope Starling Bank will consider doing so too.


As has been mentioned here already, it’s now possible to Bank cheques using the image clearing with Barclays. Likewise, the B app from the Clydesdale Bank makes this possible and essentially it works well. I am guessing however that it will not be an option with Starling for sometime yet as the Bank is not a participant of the Cheque & Credit Clearing.

A question for somebody reading this from Starling. Is this assumption correct?


Would love an ETA on this too, only thing stopping me from closing my Legacy Bank Account.