Check your cards security settings before paying!


This morning I made the silly mistake of trying to buy a coffee from costa forgetting that I disabled “card present” transactions ina mad panic I contacted starling to find out why? The person there told me rightly I’d have to re-enable this type of payment.

My idea to avoid unnecessary panic is to be sent a push notification to a user if their card has a payment attempt when the setting is disabled. This would stop them from contacting CS and allow the user to continue making their payment. From a fraud prevention point of view it would also be useful in case you have frozen the card whilst you look for it. If you were looking for the card and a failed transaction attempt pops up on your phone then the hunt for the card would be over because clearly it’s comprimised.


Watch this space…


I had an ATM withdrawal declined, then remembered why, toggled the setting on my phone, and withdrew my tenner.

Took less than 60 seconds.

If only all declined transactions could be solved so easily!


You and me both.

Feeling stupid and then very quickly chuffed :+1::grinning:


I’ve made this mistake too. Felt stupid afterwards…


Made a mistake?

Or just tested the security? :slightly_smiling_face:


Just in McDonalds…Decline. Try again…Decline…Panic.

Oh hang on. I froze the card. Boy was the guy confused when I unfroze it and told him it will now work.

Magic! :smiley:


Hurrah! I’ll be testing this tomorrow in Morrisons! :+1::grinning:


I’m pleased to say it definitely works, with a nice and meaningful push notification:

And a minute later, after changing my security settings in app:

Thanks to the team. :clap:


Great, thank you for testing it!

You should also get it if you lock your card entirely, turn off any of the other security settings or if you card is not yet activated as well. (We’ll wait for a new customer to try and confirm that one for us, don’t go cancelling your cards!)


Excellent - I’m afraid I’ve got to disable my card now just to make this happen. :grinning:

Great feature…