Chat sessions terminating due to connectivity


I’m getting to the point where I won’t use the in-app customer service chat functionality any longer for the following reason:

  • the sessions seem to get cut off as soon as there’s a break in internet connectectivity (e.g. wifi or mobile data signal drops out). The chat remains on my screen, but I then get a message saying that I’m back waiting in a queue. When an operator returns, they have no visibility on the chat that was still in progress and I have to start all over again. This is completely infuriating and seems like the functionality has no back-end integration with my details so that the operator (same or different) can access what was happening previously.
  • the chat operators can’t identify me from the chat that I’m accessing via the app. this means that I have to separately identify myself which doesn’t seem to make any sense. Why can’t you see who I am, and my accounts when I use the chat function from the app?

for now, my solution is just to use the phone support, allowing me to talk directly to someone.


Hi Brad, thank you so much for voicing your concerns and frustrations.

We can totally see where you’re coming from on this one.

You’re right, the chat will drop out if there’s a break in connectivity. When you come back, we normally can, however, see your previous chats with us.

Our CS team check previous chats as a normal part of the process when handling an active chat.

We’re sorry for your experience with this and we know we can make this better. We want you to have a great experience when contacting CS, regardless of the method of contact.

We do need to check a couple of things with you in relation to the connectivity issues, so we can understand exactly what’s happening, so we’ll be following this up.


Unfortunately the help desk software they use is garbage.

It’s totally unrealistic to have to keep the chat window active for the entire conversation. It needs to remember you when you come back.


Thanks for the reply @alexandra There clearly is a training issue here as only just yesterday I was emphatically told by the agent “I can’t see the previous chat” and I needed to explain again from the beginning. This means either the software doesn’t work as you seem to think it does and/or your agents don’t know how to use it effectively!


Hi again Brad!

We do think your issue is possibly related to connectivity, which is why we’re keen to investigate further. I’ve just managed to confirm your details so we’re going to follow this up with you via an in-app message :+1:

There’s no doubt we can use your feedback here to help us improve.


Thanks @alexandra. Again I’ve just had a new issue where the chat operator asked me to “hold on one moment”, and then the app itself disconnected the chat with the message “We’ve not heard from you for a while so this chat session has been closed. Please start a new chat if you still have questions.”
This seems designed to enfuriate!!!


and now even worse @alexandra ! I try to start a new chat, and even before I’m connected to an agent I’m disconnected! This “feature” is seriously flawed!!


Hi Alexandra, shall I start a chat and see if I experience any problems with the in-app chat? :smile:


Brad, this will get sorted.


on what basis do you say this @Joe_Merriman? New here, not sure of how things work.


If a customer is experiencing issues with Starling they will endeavour to resolve as quickly as they can in my experience.


Here’s hoping!


@StarlingSupport please can someone investigate if there are issues with in-app chat. Cheers.


Hi @Brad_T, we understand your frustrations, and it is an issue we have escalated to be fixed by the service provider we use for our customer service.

It is not happening on a frequent basis and doesn’t effect all communications but we are sad to hear you have had this experience.

I can advise that we will be doing everything we can, such as working with our service provider for a resolution.

Once we have a resolution or update we will post here.


Thanks Robin.