Chat logs showing wrong times


Has anyone else got this issue, when you contact starling the chat log timings are incorrect? Or maybe just an issue with mine? Not to much of an issue, but I know that starling like feedback so always good to make people aware of any little ‘niggles’ :slight_smile:


Hi @scottgale20 - the times published in the offline message documenting a live chat are in UTC. It states this at the top of the message. “Chat started: 2017-10-12 05.39 PM UTC” for example. At the moment in the UK we are in British Summer Time with s UTC+1 hence the house difference in the time.

We use a software provider for our chat messages, and the message sent to you as a record of your chat is currently from a UTC+0 timezone. At the moment this is not something that is configurable but we will contact them and try to get it on their roadmap.


@sarah.guha thanks for the explanation :blush: just wanted to make you aware, not an issue what so ever mind but seems like your already aware thanks Sarah :laughing: