Charity Donations


Over the years I’ve amassed a few direct debits for various charities for various amounts and I’ve noticed the ‘Charitiy’ tab in the Marketplace. I feel the whole process of donating to charity’s could be simpler. Having to sign up to for direct debits, keeping the charity’s updated with my contact details and recycling everything they send me in the post even though I’ve told them I don’t require any mail. The PayPal App has a good example of doing this for one off donations and adding gift aid which I use quite regularly.

What I’d like to see is a Charity section that has the option to make one off or regular payments to any registered charity and be able to gift aid it without having to leave the App or fill out any other details!
It would work something like this. Go to charity section, search for charity, select either donate one off payment or schedule payment, then type amount. Then the ability to view and manage the scheduled amounts along with total donated would be nice to.

Just wondered if anyone else would find this useful or if something similar was coming to the market place already.