Chargeback with Starling - my experience


In Feb I purchased 2 tyres from Event Tyres using Starling mastercard. The day before fitting ET called me and said that the company had gone into administration and that they would refund me within 5 days (what did not happen).
Starling was very helpful, refunded the money and requested chargeback from the merchant, on my behalf, who meanwhile managed to disable his website and switch off the landline. I recovered my money so I assumed it’d been solved.

However recently, Event Tyres have successfully disputed my chargeback on 23.04 as I noticed that Starling took the money that they previously returned.
So I requested the 2nd chargeback and got the money paid again. I am wondering how on earth my chargeback was successfully disputed by the merchant if they cancelled the appointment and never fitted the tyres?! Starling did not contact me on the 2nd charge (despite their promise should the merchant disputs the chargeback successfully), I only noticed that the money has been taken from my account!
Do I have any other tools to legally recover my money and what should I do when Starling charges me again?


Mastercard provide indepth information on chargebacks and disputes themselves, although its a very big document.

It is down to Starling as the issuer to deal with the chargeback or dispute and deal with the merchant or the merchants bank on your behalf, if things don’t happen as expected then you generally would follow Starling’s complaints procedure, as you didn’t receive the goods so are entitled to your money back as per Mastercard’s rule.


Hey Darius

Thank you for raising this for discussion; chargebacks can be complicated and it’s useful to get clarification of the process.

I’ve checked your account notifications and can see we did send you a notification about the chargeback, which you may have missed.

As it’s a public forum, I’ll follow this up with you via an in-app message; please be assured we’re doing all we can to support you with this :+1:


Many thanks for sending the document. It’s very useful.


Thanks for getting back to me, Alexandra. I did receive a notification of the charge (I meant that while speaking to Callum on 09.03, I was assured that I would be contacted beforehand).
I guess the chargeback is done via an automated system hence the broken communication. So far Starling has been amazing so thanks again to the team and keep up the good work!