Charge Shows as Apple Pay on Android


I just noticed that a TfL payment is showing up as an Apple Pay payment in app; I use Android and would have paid on the bus using my Starling card. I’ve attached an image of the transaction which I hope will help. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Upon looking at some of my other transactions from a few retailers a number have now changed into being categorised as Apple Pay payments.


Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into this asap.


I have this from a contactless payment today at Tesco,…


I have one from Tesco yesterday but was a chip and pin payment

Forgot to mention I’m on iOS


Thanks, we’re aware and resolving. Another sneak peak :wink:


Thanks same here and I am using android phone with contactless or chip and pin.


How did my :eagle: eye not notice this haha


Same on iOS for 2 x cash machine withdrawals over the weekend.

Do we take this to mean Apple Pay is tantalisingly close?!? :wink:


Just manually added my Starling Bank card to Android Pay and noticed, this time, that the T&Cs that I have to Accept to add the card are all for Apple Pay, not a mention of Android Pay.

Is that a known anomaly too @sarah.guha ?


Thank you for raising this, we are addressing it.


This is now resolved. Thank you for your help reporting this one.