Changing Business Name


Sorry, I didn’t know if the name changed triggered a new card, just needed to confirm that. It doesn’t at the moment but I have asked for it to be implemented.

Where the details haven’t updated, is this the section just below the account switcher?


Yes, sorry, i don’t know what that screen is called! The one with the two bubbles at the top, then underneath it has Firstname Surname for a personal, or in this case Business Name, then the buttons to go through to Business Details, Account Management, Customer Service, Invite to Starling…

No probs about the card, I got chat to press the button like you said, so the lady ordered a new card then for me!
This one:


Ah ok, then we’re talking about the same place.

I have spoken to the engineers and they think it’s just a caching issue. We’re just going to confirm that quickly


Cool! It doesn’t matter at all to me, I just thought it was worth mentioning in case it wasn’t doing something it was meant to or such and you guys would want to know!

Thanks for keeping on this @LoganAllan, it’s been great that you’ve kept us updated as it was worked on, really appreciate it.


Thank you, really do appreciate everyone reporting things that aren’t working as expected. Helps us polish the app.

No problemo, to be honest I didn’t do any of the heavy lifting but I’ll pass on the thanks