Changing Business Name


I am currently going through the process of changing my company name with companies house, what’s the script with updating this with Starling to reflect on my business account?


one for @StarlingSupport I would think, not seen it asked before so don’t know the answer myself.


Hey @ScouseYeti!

We are still working on implementing a tool that will allow us to change a company name once you change it through Companies House.

We will keep you updated as we work it all out :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be so happy if I could change the title case capitalisation you apply to my company name, it’s an acronym. It makes me cry every time I open the startling app or print an statement to see it in Title Case


Hi …can you provide more specifics please? iOS or Android? Is this a screen? Or monthly statement?
When is the capitalisation enforced?
Perhaps a screenshot?


Hi @Kris, I think it’s stored on your system like that. Companies House provides them as MY LOVELY XYZ COMPANY LTD but it’s always shown as “My Lovely Xyz Company Ltd” on the Android app and the PDF statements. I would rather have it all in capitals than having Xyz instead of XYZ.

at least it’s better than revolut, there I’m “MY LOVELY XYZ COMPANY limited”… please kill me now.

it’s not that one will be changing it daily, but it would be great if support was able to modify how the company name is presented if asked. :slight_smile:


Any updates on this @jasonwilkinsonbrown @LoganAllan @StarlingSupport? I’m currently changing my business name so the company name reflects the completely different trading name and I’m not quite sure what to do. Do i just pretend the name hasn’t changed for the foreseeable future? It makes no difference in the short term to me, i just didn’t want to find Starling had suddenly closed my account because the account name doesn’t correspond with the companies house records any more or something. Aside from the annoyance I don’t know if I’d then be allowed to open another or if i’d have broken T&Cs or have to wait a year or such.

Also, more of a general thought than immediate query, if my single person Ltd gets another director, (working on the assumption that multiple director accounts will be available by then) will i be able to add them to my existing account? I’d have no problems closing the existing and opening a new if it came to it (although that seems very unnecessary to me), but in that case Starling would have to waive the ‘wait a year between closing an account and opening a new one’ rule obviously and get the new one open immediately.


Hi @l8n_me!

Our engineers plan to have the first stages of that ability live in the next 2 weeks. This is to allow us to pull some new data, like name and new business address from Companies House. It is still in the works though :grinning:

At the moment you are limited by how many persons of significant control there are. We can’t answer the question about adding people to your existing account as it is still in the works, as we get closer to the launch of multiple persons business accounts we will be able to go into detail

@ScouseYeti tagging you as well as the first paragraph is in relation to your original question


Hey @LoganAllan! Thanks for the reply! OK, well, i guess i just sit tight for you to make something happen! As i say, in the short term it’s neither here nor there what business name is on the card/account from my perspective, as long as Starling doesn’t have an issue with it being incorrect!


No no, we have no issue with it being incorrect. (it’s only incorrect due to us not being able to change it just yet)

If you don’t mind me asking, was the name change just for rebranding or did you move the business in a different direction or into a different field?


Not at all @LoganAllan , we’ve existed for a year, and spent the first 6 months or so just figuring stuff out and doing the groundwork and launched officially to the public at the start of the year. There is an element of people with more money then me giving grants for running costs and to provide services as although the business is a limited company not a charity or such, it’s not for profit; everything that comes in gets reinvested into providing more services to people in the creative industries, so the fact that the business was established before we even had a brand and so is named completely differently was just an unnecessary issue. Uniting the Ltd company name with the snazzy new-ish brand just makes sense.


Ah ok, so you’re just getting everything finalised and heading in the direction you had planned all along; sounds like it’s all settling into place. Good luck with it all :grinning:


Have already gone through renaming my company and changing the registered office and found out through support today you cant currently change it, so keeping an eye on when you implement this. I need my statements to reflect the correct company name for my tax records. Hopefully this will be done soon, seems a bit of an over sight for an otherwise great service.


Well, @LoganAllan said a week ago that something would be live with regards to this in 2 weeks, so hopefully even if its not the final solution for the problem, we should have some more information or a timeline, within the next week!


is there any update on this please @LoganAllan


He’s on holiday, @Charlotte_Lorimer is filling in for him, he’s back tomorrow.


Hi - that’s right. @LoganAllan will be back tomorrow and able to take this one. I’ve even dropped him a message so he doesn’t miss it. Sorry for the wait!


@Adam_Jackson @l8n_me

Morning both!

Apologies, I was out for a week.

We had a small delay with the launch of the function, a few wrinkles here and there that needed to be ironed out. It has now gone live though. Every week we will be pulling data from Companies House; this will update your company name, registered business address etc.

If you would like the new data to be pulled as soon as reflected on Companies House, then you can get in touch with us. Our onboarding team has a new button they can click which will pull the new data straight away

Give me a shout if you have any questions :grinning:


Awww, thanks @LoganAllan! Hope you had a really great week away! That’s perfect. The only thing i can think to ask is regarding cards; just to clarify, will we automatically get sent out a new card with the business name on if the data changes, or is it a case of waiting until we see the new name reflected in the app then pressing that button to cancel and reissue? I’d imagine the latter, but given it’s a brand new process i thought it’s worth checking!


Just a little update @LoganAllan, my company name changed today, and a new card is on the way, which is great! The only thing I was going to say, and i don’t know if i’m getting a little ahead of myself, but the details in the ‘Business Details’ screen have updated and are spot on, but the screen before it which has Business Details, Account Management, CS etc, still at this point shows the old name. I’ve tried force quitting, and was going to see if the update may reset it. I don’t know if the new name will eventually get pushed through, or if it’s something that needs looking at?