Changed Categories Resetting Themselves


So I changed categories on some transactions, but then noticed that when I went back to the same retailer, all the previously changed categories were reset again.
I guess this will get fixed with the ‘sticky’ categories when they come about, but thought I would report anyway…

Transactions recategorising themselves

Just to follow up, I updated to 0.24.2 today (IOS) and the bug is still present.

This time, it appears that when a merchant logo was updated (is this a manual process?) that previously changed categories for that merchant all reset again…


Hi David,
Can you please provide us with an example to help us investigate your issue? For example, what the transaction was, what you changed the category to, and when it reverted back to the previous category.



Hi Ben,
Thanks for the reply - I sent you a DM with further details


Following the debit of the majority of my bills on Tuesday, I categorised these transactions to “Bills & Services”. A day later, I noticed that half of these transactions had recategorised themselves to “General”. I’ve since categorised them again… and, thankfully, this seems to have stuck! Touch wood.

Today, an in-store transaction is now appearing in “General” that I most definitely categorised as “Home” yesterday.

This seems like a bug. Android 8.0.0.


i wish the categories were sticky, like in Emma and Yolt.


I have the same issue on iOS


Spoke to customer services and they said that this may take a while to fix. Disappointing.


I wish we had the ability to change this single payment category, all previous payments, all future payments when changing categories…


Me too. I started religiously categorising stuff, but when I realised it wasn’t sticky I gave up. It makes the whole spending insights useless for me given the amount of incorrect categorisations on my account.


I’ve tried yolt, emma, moneyhub and obvisly in-bank they all suck badly at categorisation and they either don’t have reasonable categories or, they have to many or, they fail to learn to categorise future transactions, or they fail to detect old transactions that should have the same category. it’s really frustrating. and they never support all the institutions you need anyway


This is driving me insane! What is the point in the spending categories feature if they don’t stick! I’m correcting categories daily now. Argh!


It’s time to give up


I might have to :cry: :cry:


I’m getting the same issue, sometimes I like to categorise amazon purchases as ‘home’, ‘gifts’ or ‘pets’. I don’t mind doing this myself after making the purchase, but it becomes infuriating when the app switches them all back to ‘shopping’ two days later!

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I’m iPhone 6S and iOS 11.3


Having exactly that problem too. So frustrating!


I wish it could recognise that a £3 purchase around lunch time is a Tesco Meal deal and not groceries… :smiley:

I guess that would be more IFTTT though…


@StarlingSupport - any update on a fix for this? I would hope that this is a high priority bug?


Hi everyone!

I can understand the frustration caused when your categories decide to have a mind of their own. Our team is working on a fix for this at the moment and it should be completed soon. :grin:


Any status update @LoganAllan? I spent time this morning categorising all my DDs and SOs that went out today only to find that three of them have changed.