Change payee details


Guys, am I being stupid?

I want to modify a payee’s name. However if I try to do it, it mandates that I provide an address. Is there a way to do this without having to input an address? This is for a U.K. only account.



Nope. I raised this a while ago but can’t find the thread. Very annoying!


I presume you’re on iOS? Just tried this on Android, can change the name without issue.


Ah yes, I just checked this myself. On Android you can just edit the name, whereas on iOS it has a superfluous requirement for a full address and post code:



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@Kris any reason for this? Or a bug? Cheers, joe.


I agree, this behaviour is not right. It’s a side effect of the fact that we did a few iterations on this design very late in the process and a fix for this was pushed further down to the technical backlog because of more critical fixes.
The somewhat positive benefit of this is when you eventually set up an International Account, you won’t need to provide this again.
For now, I have this logged as a bug.


Perhaps but some people will have no need at all for an international account


Like me :smile:


Cheers! Hopefully a fix will come soon.


Thanks @Kris.



The best customer is a happy customer :wink: …so I decided to just fix this while the kids were building a tent in my “home office” :tent:️. The code turned out to be simpler than I expected so it’s guaranteed to pass code review by no later than tomorrow morning (or if a stray iOS dev visits The Source today).
We have cut the 54 release already so I can’t get it in, but it’s going to be in rel. 55.

Thank you all :wave:


Thanks so much, look at that for fixing bugs :bug: :ant: :beetle::+1:t2:


What’s in the 54 release? :wink:. We won’t tell anyone


You’re not quite “The England Football Team” but you are a hero. Thanks for sorting this. Will look forward to the amendment!

Also - as someone said… What’s in 0.54?!


Maybe the reinstatement of “Swipe Up for Android” ™ ?